Note: Imagebank portal development and support has ended. No image will be accepted by this portal. However, images deposited through Imagebank can still be searched via Archsearch. If you'd like to know more information about the future of Imagebank and its deposits please contact Archaeology Data Service.


The Archaeology Image Bank is a free to use resource created by the Higher Education Academy, and hosted by the Archaeology Data Service. Its aim is to allow users to search for and share high quality archaeological images to enhance the learning experience of scholars, educators, lecturers and researchers within archaeology and its related disciplines. All images are donated by users or drawn from ADS collections.

Stonehenge, midwinter sunset. ©Clive Ruggles Dun Carloway, Isle of Lewis. ©Jim Grant About


The Archaeology Image Bank allows users to search for images that can be used as teaching materials, within presentations and lectures; images can also be used for personal and private study as long as the image donor is credited and the watermark displayed. There is no charge for individuals using the resource, but we ask users to read the terms and conditions of use so that they do not infringe on the rights of the donor.

Search Conserving a bronze patera. ©Jane Henderson Dangamombe, Zimbabwe. ©Robert Burrett


The Archaeology Image Bank is reliant on the submissions made by institutions, academics, professionals and students; we would therefore encourage users to add their own images to the collection so that others can use them. We are particularly interested in material from geographical areas and sites that do not currently appear, or objects not represented. We do, however, ask that contributors only add two or three good examples, rather than a large number of similar images.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before using this resource or depositing images.

Laser Scanning, Weoley Castle, Birmingham. ©Paul Burrows Share Sunset behind Callanish, Isle of Lewis. ©Clive Ruggles