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The primary aim of the TAG project is to develop tools for transatlantic cross-searching between the UK’s Archaeology Data Service (ADS) digital archive and tDAR based at Arizona State University in the USA. This portal provides a sustainable resource discovery service for archaeological teaching, learning and research across two continents; furthermore it provides an exemplar for international cyber-infrastructure partnerships between North America and Europe.

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Funded jointly by JISC and the NEH, TAG is developing interoperability between the USA and UK at two levels. The first stage has been to create the infrastructure and portal to enable basic cross-search of MIDAS based Dublin Core compatible metadata records for digital resources covering the archaeology of the USA and UK. This project builds on the EU-funded ARENA project which has demonstrated cross-searching within Europe. The second stage, which is currently under development, is an attempt to develop a much deeper and richer level of cross-searching for faunal data from North America and Europe.

TAG searches can be carried out using keywords and three key concepts ‘Where’, ‘What’ and ‘When’:

the search interface uses an open layers based geospatial selection interface and the Latitude and Longitude WGS84 coordinate system. This allows a search box to be drawn inside a country or across borders to specify the area of interest.
each record is mapped to the 18 ‘top-level’ terms in the English Heritage Thesaurus of Monument Types (TMT) a poly-hierarchical thesaurus.
the interface allows searching by date range, either by direct input or by using a slider bar.

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