Archives Help


ADS holdings are split between ‘monument inventories’ and ‘archives’ and this division is now more explicit on the ADS website with separate search mechanisms for each, which should make finding a particular archive collection easier to find without having to wade through numerous monument inventory entries if they are not what you are after.

The archives themselves have been classified into a number of categories, subject, programme and region. This is where the faceted classification system comes into it’s own.

When looking for a particular region, for example South East England, a couple of mouse clicks will constrain the archive search to that area, additionally clicking on a subject area, for example Environmental, and the search is further constrained, in this case to the archives we hold on environmental topics in the South East of England.

The results themselves can then be ordered alphabetically by title or chronologically on the year of their release.

The keyword search can also be used to search by DOI, simply type the DOI into the Archives keyword search on the left of the page and the relevant archive will be returned by the search.

If you are a myADS member when logged into myADS a search will also identify how many documents within the archives meet your requirements. This number is displayed at the top of the results list and by clicking on the word 'documents' you can see a list of these items.