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May 2016... Twentieth Century Naval Dockyards Devonport and Portsmouth: Characterisation Project

The project was designed to increase our overall understanding of the dockyard built environment by telling the national story of twentieth century dockyards and the particular narratives of Devonport and Portsmouth Dockyards

April 2016... London Archaeologist Journal

Volumes 13:07 to 13:12 have been added to the existing interface.

April 2016... Bibliography of the Vernacular Architecture Group

Another 800 references have been added to this valuable resource which now holds over 11,400 entries.

April 2016... A380 South Devon Link Road, Kingskerswell, Devon

Archaeological investigations along the route of the A380 South Devon Link Road, Kingskerswell, Devon, were undertaken by AC archaeology between October 2012 and June 2013. All works were carried out in advance of construction of the bypass.

April 2016... Medieval Britain and Ireland: 2010 and 2011

Reports for the fieldwork seasons of 2010 and 2011 have been added to the online database.

April 2016... Archaeological watching brief on soil investigations at The Gas Holder site, Britannia Road, Southampton (SOU1677)

Archaeological watching brief on soil investigations at The Gas Holder site exposed London Clay, Wittering Formation, River Terrace gravels and natural brickearth. In the higher southwest part of the site a number of the soil investigations found burnt flint suggesting possible prehistoric occupation.

April 2016... Archaeological Investigations at 84-88 Millbrook Road East, Southampton (SOU1629) (info)

The aim of the investigations was to make a record of the building before demolition and then rescue any archaeology before construction work. The building consisted of five phases. The earliest, in the south-east of the site, was built some time between 1840 and 1883.

April 2016... Wiseburrow Farm, Wellington, Devon (OASIS ID - abherita1-208033) (info)

An Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Geophysical Survey were undertaken at Wiseburrow Farm, Wellington, Devon. The Archaeological Desk Based Assessment concluded that there was not likely to be significant impacts on below ground archaeology and that limited inter-visibility resulted in at most a negligible overall significance of effect with those designated buildings. The geophysical survey identified several possible anomalies which were interpreted as modern services, modern disturbance or metallic debris.

April 2016... Archaeological Excavations at Southampton New Arts Centre, Above Bar Street, Southampton (SOU1634) (info)

Archaeology South East undertook a small excavation, which revealed evidence for multi-period (Early Medieval - Post Medieval) activity on site.

April 2016... Scawby Methodist Chapel, Scawby, Lincolnshire (info)

This historic building record and photographic survey for the former Methodist Chapel at Scawby was carried out on 20 September 2015. Scawby Methodist Chapel is situated in the North Lincolnshire village of Scawby. The chapel is located adjacent to the south side of Chapel Lane, a minor road running through the village at NGR SE 968 054.

April 2016... Archaeological Investigations at 5 Bellevue Road, Southampton (SOU1615) (info)

The Archaeology Unit of Southampton City Council carried out an archaeological watching brief on groundworks for a development by First Wessex Homes. The site was to the north of the medieval town of Southampton in an area where scattered finds from the prehistoric to the medieval period have been made.

March 2016... Reconstructing a Medieval Welsh Landscape: Exploring the Evidence of Nineteenth Century Field-Names and Land-Use Data in Landscape Archaeology (info)

This project set out to provide two complimentary datasets through which the early and later medieval landscapes of the eastern Vale of Glamorgan can be explored. Firstly, the results of a computer-based 'predictive model' of early medieval settlement location, and secondly a comprehensive geodatabase of nineteenth century field-names and land-use information.

March 2016... Aspects of Suburban Landscapes: Inherited Landscapes & Suburban Greens 1850-2015 (info)

To provide the context and understanding needed for better appreciation, protection and management of suburbs, Historic England has initiated the ‘National Suburbs Project’, a research project on suburbs and suburban development from c.1850 to the present day.

March 2016... Land off Longlands, Repton, Derbyshire (OASIS ID: wessexar1-203538) (info)

The evaluation comprised the excavation of seven, thirty metre long, trenches targeting anomalies identified by a geophysical survey and 'blank' areas. The only significant archaeological remains identified relate to a demolished Pillbox within Trench 3. The concrete base of Pillbox 3005 was identified and recorded.

March 2016... Bedlington Old School, Northumberland (OASIS ID: vindomor1-197083) (info)

Bedlington Old School was built in 1874 as a Council Infants School, the building replacing Church Row, and continued in use as such into the 20th century. In 1932, the building was renovated and extended west. The school discontinued its intended use in 1974, when it became St. Cuthbert's Church Hall.

March 2016... Severn Street, Worcester, Worcestershire (OASIS IDs: wessexar1-181106 and wessexar1-220878) (info)

Wessex Archaeology was commissioned by CgMs to undertake a programme of work as part of an ongoing scheme based at Severn Street. The work comprised an initial evaluation of two trenches, followed by a watching brief on trenches associated with piling and the excavation of service trenches for the development. Finally there was an excavation on the site of the former Royal Porcelain Works.

March 2016... The Gas Works, Powick, Worcestershire. Historic Building Recording (OASIS ID: headland3-241886) (info)

An historic building recording project was undertaken of the remains of the former gas works for Powick Lunatic Asylum. Most of the buildings had been partly demolished for safety reasons before the work was undertaken. Of the four buildings recorded only Building 1 provided information assisting in the analysis of the complex.

March 2016... Land adjacent to Glebe Farm, Lutterworth: Archaeological Evaluation (OASIS ID: headland3-229714) (info)

An archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Headland Archaeology (UK) Ltd during September and October 2015, at 'Land adjacent to Glebe Farm', Coventry Road, Lutterworth, where a total of 68 trenches were excavated.

March 2016... Historic Building Record: Outbuilding at No.46 High Street, North Crawley, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire (OASIS ID: souterra1-237559) (info)

Between the 18th and 22nd of December 2015, an ‘as found’ record was made of a derelict 19th century timber-framed outbuilding at No. 46 High Street, North Crawley, Buckinghamshire. The archive provides a descriptive and illustrative account of observations, including photographs and scale elevations and plans.

March 2016... An Archaeological Building Recording of the former Railway Servants Orphanage, Stepping Lane, Derby (OASIS ID: archaeol5-226576) (info)

In October 2015 Archaeological Research Services Ltd (ARS Ltd.) was commissioned by Simon Foote Architects on behalf of Kieran Mullin to undertake an archaeological building recording of the former Sanatorium building of the Railway Servants Orphanage at Stepping Lane, Derby. The building recording aimed to mitigate the impact of the conversion of the building into a number of residential apartments.

March 2016... Archaeological Evaluation of land at Erskine Court, Sutherland Road, Southampton (SOU1657) (info)

The Archaeology Unit of Southampton City Council carried out an evaluation excavation at Erskine Court in May 2014. The work was commissioned by Drew Smith Ltd. The evaluation aims were to determine the extent, condition, nature, character, quality, and date of any archaeological remains encountered, as dictated by current best practice, in order for a decision to be made as to the need for further archaeological work.

March 2016... Sussex Archaeological Collections: volume 151 (info)

The articles for volume 151 (2013) are now available to download. Abstracts and supplementary material for volume 153 (2015) have also been added into the interface.

March 2016... MoD Bicester (info)

A scheme of archaeological building recording was undertaken by Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd (Waterman) for Graven Hill Village Development Company at Graven Hill, MoD Bicester, Oxfordshire. The site is located 1.5 km to the south of the centre of Bicester.

March 2016... An Archaeological Watching Brief at West Fenwick Farm, Northumberland (OASIS ID: archaeol5-218208) (info)

An archaeological watching brief took place on a development re-purposing existing agricultural buildings into a residential unit. The watching brief identified a 14th-16th century wall which likely related to a domestic structure within the medieval village of Fenwick.

February 2016... Surrey Archaeological Society Research Volumes (info)

Surrey Archaeological Society has deposited its Research Volumes with the ADS.

February 2016... Peterseat, Torry Battery and St Fittick's Church, Aberdeen (info)

Excavations at Peterseat Anti-Aircraft (Ack-Ack) Battery later converted as a Prisoner of War Camp (Nigg Hostel), Torry Battery, a mid 19th-century battery used during the First and Second World Wars and St Fittick's Church, dating back to the 12th century.

February 2016... Council for British Research in the Levant Archaeological Monographs: updated (info)

The collection has been updated with the volume "Early Village Life at Beidha, Jordan : Neolithic Spatial Organization and Vernacular Architecture: The Excavations of Mrs Diana Kirkbride-Helbæk".

February 2016... Surrey Archaeological Collections: updated (info)

The collection has been updated with volumes 67 to 90.

February 2016... Land at Mosshayne Farm, Pinhoe, Devon. Archaeological Evaluation (info)

An archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Cotswold Archaeology in January 2015 for CgMs Consulting Limited at the 45.12 hectare site of Mosshayne Farm, Tithebarn Lane, Pinhoe, Devon. A total of 12 trial trenches were excavated on the location of known geophysical anomalies and aerial photographic evidence as a first phase of archaeological evaluation of the site.

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