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Conferences and Meetings Attended by ADS

This page lists many of the conferences, lectures, meetings, seminars and workshops which we have attended or where we have presented details of the ADS's preservation activities, research projects and our plans for future work.

Many of the presentation materials used at these events are available on request: Email

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  • 28-29th November - Locloud meeting - London


November 2013 15th November, Research Seminar, York Presentation by Julian Richards - 'Experimental Data Publication and Citation in Archaeology...as previously only seen at CERN'
11-13th November, CHNT, Vienna. Presentation by Michael Charno - ' '
11th November, Navigating Oceans of Data with MEDIN, London Poster Presentation by Katie Green
7-9th November, ARIADNE Workshop, Pisa Attended by Julian Richards
October 2013 30th October, Roman Grey Literature Project meeting, Southampton Attended by Tim Evans
30th October, AFC Seminar, Cambridge. Presentation by Katie Green 'Data Management, Digital Preservation and the Archaeology Data Service'
29-30thOctober, _AHRC/EPSRC Science and Heritage Conference, London Presentation by Catherine Hardman - 'Sustaining the impact of UK science and heritage research'
22 October, FISH, TWG, London Attended by Kieron Niven
16-18th October, ODIN codesprint and first year conference, CERN Presentation by Catherine Hardman - 'The ADS: Data preservation and persistent identifiers in UK archaeology'
7-8th October, Ariadne Infrastructure for Multimedia Data Workshop, Pisa. Presentation by Jenny Ryder 'Multimedia at the ADS'
2-3rd October, Lidar Workshop, Edinburgh Attended by Kieron Niven
September 2013 12-13th September LoCloud Project Workshop, York. Organised by Holly Wright
4-8th September, EAA, Pilsen, Czech Republic Presentation by Holly Wright - 'You say tomato, I say pomodoro. How archaeological thesauri are coming together across the UK and Europe'. Presentation by Julian Richards - 'The economics of archaeological research infrastructures'
4th September, ARIADNE Data Management Planning and Online Resources for Archaeology Workshop, Pilsen, Czech Republic Presentations by Holly Wright - 'ARIADNE: Examples of Archaeological Data Online'
3-4 September, Research Data Management Forum, Oxford, UK. Attended BY Katie Green
1st September, DAI, Data Licencing Workshop, Berlin, Germany Presentation by Catherine Hardman - 'Licencing at the ADS: the good the bad and the ugly'
August 2013 20th August, FISH Meeting, York, UK Attended by Holly Wright and Kieron Niven
13th August, DCC e-Infrastructures Workshop, Warrington, UK Attended by Katie Green
July 2013 30th July University of York RDM Workshop, York, UK Presentation by Michael Charno - 'DOI's and the ADS'. Attended by Catherine Hardman
26th July, DPC Preserving Computer Aided Design, London, UK. Attended by Jo GIlham.
15-19 July, DPC Advanced Practitioner Training, Glasgow, UK Attended By Jo Gilham
12 July, CERIF for Datasets workshop, Glasgow, UK Presentation by Michael Charno - 'Archaeological Data Centre and Datacite Case Study'
10th July, Knowledge Exchange in the Arts and Humanities, Southampton, UK. Presentation by Julian Richards - 'Measuring the value of data in the Arts and Humanities: The Impact of the ADS'
6th July, Digital Heritage 2013: Interfaces with the Past, York, UK. Chaired by Julian Richards. Organised by Holly Wright. Poster by Holly Wright - 'ARIADNE'. Attended by Katie Green, Michael Charno, Judith Winters.
5th July, DPC Open Data Day, York, UK. Presentation by Catherine Hardman - 'Open Data: Data preservation, Data citation'
2nd-4th July, SPRUCE DIgital Preservation Mash-up, London. Attended by Jo Gilham
1st-2nd July, OAPEN e-monograph conference, British Library, London. Attended by Judith Winters.
June 2013 27th June, CHCTA workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark. Presentation by Julian Richards- 'Internet Archaeology and digital scholarly communication'
21st June, NEARCH Kick Off Meeting, Paris, France. Presentation by Julian Richards - 'Digital Data in archaeology: long term preservation and access the work of the ADS'. Attended by Holly Wright.
19th June, Roman Rural Settlement in the East Midlands Research Seminar University of Leicester, UK Presentation by Tim Evans - 'Digital Dissemination Strategies'
14th June, Opening the Past, Pisa, Italy. Presentation by Julian Richards - 'Open Data in Archaeology'
10th June, Web as Literature, British Library, London Attended by Michael Charno
5-7th June, Arches: Heritage Inventory & Management System , workshop at Shendish Manor, Hertfordshire Attended by Tim Evans
May 2013 29th May, Tool Kit Training Attended by Kieron Niven
22nd May, Now and the Future of Data Publishing, Oxford, UK Attended by Katie Green
18th May, Social Media and Public Archaeology, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge, UK Presentation by Michael Charno - 'Archaeological ASBO'
14th May, OUDCE GIS in Archaeology, Oxford, UK Presentation by Michael Charno - 'The Afterlife of GIS'
6th May, Sustainable Archaeology, Xi'an, China Presentation by Julian Richards - 'Digital Data in archaeology: long term preservation and access'
1st May, RCAHMS and DPC 3D Data workshop, Edinburgh, UK Presentation by Catherine Hardman and Kieron Niven - ' Documenting and archiving 3D data: Metadata and Standards'. Attended by Jenny Ryder
April 2013 30th April, PREPARED Workshop, Oxford, UK Attended by Judith Winters
26th April, FISH Meeting, Birmingham, UK Attended by Ray Moore
25th April, RDMF Special Event: Funding Research Data Management , Birmingham , UK Attended by Catherine Hardman
23rd April, DPC PREMIS METS Information Day, London, UK Attended by Jo Gilham
17-19th April, IfA 2013, Birmingham, UK Presentation by Katie Green - 'The Economic Impact of ADS', Workshop by Catherine Hardman and Ray Moore - 'Digital Data and the Archaeological Record', Attended by Neil Gevaux
11th April, MA Seminar, Bradford, Uk Lecture by Katie Green - 'Challenges for Archaeology in the Digital Age'
March 2013 25-26th March, JISC workshop, Birmingham, UK Presentation by Catherine Hardman - 'ADS-easy: making life easier?'
26th March, CAA 2013, Perth, Austrailia Two presentations by Holly Wright - 'Using Linked Open Data to describe Roman Amphorae', and 'The ADS, Digital Archives and Economic Impact', Poster by Holly Wright - 'Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe (ARIADNE)'
19-20th March, LoCloud kick-off Meeting, Oslo, Norway Attended by Julian Richards and Holly Wright
16th March, Roman Rural Settlement in the East of England Research Seminar Cambridge, UK Presentation by Tim Evans - 'Digital Dissemination Strategies'
14th March, Archaeological Computing Research Group, Southampton, UK Presentation by Michael Charno - ' SELECT ?data { ?data dcterms:publisher “ADS” } or Linked Data at the ADS'
14th March, Undergraduate Seminar, Southampton, UK Presentation by Michael Charno - '2,000 years in the making, 3 days to record, backed up in 30 seconds, lost forever?'
11 - 12th March, SPRUCE Hackathon, Leeds, UK Attended by Michael Charno
8th March, DataCite Workshop: Making citation work: practical issues for institutions, British Library, London, UK Attended by Michael Charno, Panel Member
7th March, Archaeological Archives Forum Open Meeting , Birmingham, UK Attended by Catherine Hardman
6th March, MEDIN DAC Working Group , Aberdeen, UK Attended by Catherine Hardman
February 2013 23rd February, CAA UK 2013, London, UK Presentation by Michael Charno - 'ADS easy: developing a system for data deposition', Poster by Ray Moore - 'Impact of the ADS: A study and methods for enhancing sustainability'
20th February, Digital Past, Monmouth, UK Presentation by Micheal Charno - '‘Large Digital Datasets: Problems of processing and storage'
15th Febuary, Archaeology Departmental Research Forum, University of York, UK Presentation by Catherine Hardman - 'The economic and other Impacts of Digital Archives'
15th February, Society of Antiquaries Open Access Meeting, London, UK Attended by Katie Green
5th-8th February, ARIADNE kick-off Meeting , Rome, Italy Attended by Julian Richards, Holly Wright, Catherine Hardman
4th February, Archival Encounters III: Digitisation, Leeds, UK Attended by Katie Green
January 2013 17th January, Knowledge Exchange workshop at IDCC, Amsterdam, Netherlands Presentation by Catherine Hardman - 'The ADS: Deposit charges, costing tools and e-repository sustainability'
16th January, Digitised Diseases Royal College of Surgeons, London UK Project meeting attended by Tim Evans
15th January, WAC 2013, Jordan Presentation by Julian Richards - 'The economic and other Impacts of Digital Archives', Presentation by Micheal Charno - 'Select ?data ( ?data dcterms:publisher “ADS” ) or linked data at the ads'

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