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Conferences and Meetings Attended by ADS

This page lists many of the conferences, lectures, meetings, seminars and workshops which we have attended or where we have presented details of the ADS's preservation activities, research projects and our plans for future work.

Many of the presentation materials used at these events are available on request: Email

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December 2014 17 December, , The rural settlement of Roman Britain: Northeast + Northwest Seminar Durham Presentation by Tim Evans 'Digital Dissemination Strategies'
11-12th December, NEARCH Meeting, York Presentations by Julian Richards 'Turning the Grey Literature White', Michael Charno 'Mobile technologies' and Judith Winters 'Exploring Multiple forms of Dissemination'. Attended by Katie Green and Holly Wright.
3-5th December, NEARCH Meeting, Paris Attended by Holly Wright.
2nd December, Austrian Days of Digital Humanities, Vienna Presentation by Catherine Hardman 'Archiving archaeological data in the UK: the ADS experience'
November 2014 28-29th November, Data Management Workshop, Cologne Presentation by Katie Green 'Digital Data in archaeology: preservation, access and reuse – the work of the Archaeology Data Service'.
25th November, FISH Terminology Working Group, London Attended By Kieron Niven
19-21st November, LoCloud Technical Workshop, Poznan, Attended by Holly Wright.
18-19th November, RDMF: Linking Data and Repositories, Leicester Attended by Michael Charno.
18th November, HEIRNET, Cardif Presentation by Katie Green 'Implementing LOD Vocabularies at ADS'.
17-18th November, Investing in Opportunity: Policy Practice and Planning for a Sustainable Digital Future, London Presentation by Catherine Hardman 'What sustainability means in practice: A repository perspective from the ADS'
13-15th November, European Research Infrastructures Conference, Rome Presentation by Julian Richards 'Good Data Management and Online Access'. Attended by Holly Wright.
9-12 November, ICOMOS 18th General Assembly, Florence Presentation by Holly Wright 'LoCloud Collections'.
October 2014 31st October, Making Progress in Digital Preservation, London Presentation by Catherine Hardman 'Organisational alignment: How the ADS responds to external change'.
22 October, Archaeological Archives Forum, Edinburgh. Attended by Katie Green
15 October, , The rural settlement of Roman Britain: Yorkshire Seminar York Presentation by Tim Evans 'Digital Dissemination Strategies'
8th October, 8th Congress of Archaeology, Berlin Presentation by Julian Richards 'Measuring the impact of long term archaeological data archiving and re-use'.
7th October, ALGAO HER Committee Attended by Catherine Hardman.
September 2014 24th September, Archaeological Archives Group Plenary, London Attended By Kieron Niven.
10-14th September, _EAA2014, Istanbul Presentation by Julian Richards 'Opportunities and Challenges with Open Access and Open Data in the UK'. Workshop organised by Holly Wright 'Opportunities within the Ariadne Network'.
1-2nd September, _Preserving PDF – identify, validate, repair, Hamburg. Attended by Jo Gilham.
August 2014 26-27th August, _Data cite ODIN, Presentation by Michael Charno
July 2014 22nd July, _DPC Briefing Day: 'Virtualisation & Preservation' Cambridge Attended by Jenny O'Brien
15th July, _Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology/RCUK Exhibition, Houses of Parliament, London Exhibition stands by Catherine Hardman
15th July, _Archaeological Archives Forum, Working Group meeting, Birmingham Attended by Katie Green
14th July, _University of York Big Data Day, York Presentation by Catherine Hardman
12th July, _Digital Heritage 2014, York Attended by Judith Winters, Holly Wright, Julian Richards
11th July, _Heritage Jam, York Attended by Holly Wright
10-11th July,_Centre for Digital Heritage summer school York Presentation by Katie Green and Catherine Hardman 'Research Data Management: Lessons learned'
9th July, _HER Forum, London Presentation by Catherine Hardman 'The HERALD project'
4th July, _SMA Committee meeting, London Presentation by Catherine Hardman 'Digital Archiving and information management with the ADS'
June 2014 24th June, _DPC Planning Day, York Attended by Catherine Hardman
19th June, _The rural settlement of Roman Britain: Southwest Seminar Exeter Presentation by Tim Evans 'Digital Dissemination Strategies'
16th June, _NI Environment Agency, Belfast Presentation by Catherine Hardman 'Digital Archiving at the ADS'
4th June, _DADAism kich off meeting, York Attended by Katie Green, Julian Richards, Michael Charno
4th June, _ARA AGM, London Presentation by Catherine Hardman 'SIPs, DIPs and other acronyms; the implementation of OAIS in the ADS'
4th June, _ALGAO HER Committee, Birmingham Presentation by Jo Gilham 'Introduction to HERALD'
May 2014 30th May, _IfA Archaeological Archives Group AGM, Birmingham Presentation by Catherine Hardman 'Selection and retention of digital data'
22nd May, _Derbyshire Museums, Matlock Presentation by Catherine Hardman
14th May, _TACOS, York Attended by Katie Green, Catherine Hardman, Judith Winters.
6th May, _RCUK day for SMEs at STFC, Didcot Presentation by Catherine Hardman 'Open Big Data at the ADS'
April 2014 25-26 April, _CAA2014 Paris Presentations by Michael Charno 'ADS Resources Online', Catherine Hardman 'Strategy for the future? Present practice in on line archiving of archaeological data', Judith Winters ' ' and Julian Richards 'The development of data sharing and open data in archaeology'
24th April, _ALGAO AGM, London Presentation by Jo Gilham 'Introduction to HERALD'
23-28 April, _SAA2014 Austin, Texas Presentation by Holly Wright 'Finding the context: A European perspective on representing and interpreting spatial data from archaeological fieldwork as Linked Open Data'
9-11 April, _IfA2014 Glasgow Presentation by Holly Wright 'Navigating Collaborative European Projects in Archaeology, IfA Conference'. Attended by Katie Green
7-9 April 2014, _Digital Preservation Training Programme University of London Attended by Jenny O'Brien
March 2014 6th March, __Archaeological Archives Forum, Belfast Attended by Catherine Hardman and Katie Green
5th March, _Bedern Group Meeting, Belfast Attended by Catherine Hardman and Katie Green
5th March, _The rural settlement of Roman Britain: West Midlands Seminar Birmingham Presentation by Tim Evans 'Digital Dissemination Strategies'
3-4 March, _OUDCE Digital Data workshop, Oxford Presentations by Katie Green 'Digital data and the archaeological record', 'Tools for deposition: OASIS and ADS-easy' and 'Digital preservation standards'. Judith Winters 'Publishing data on the web: models and new directions' and 'Exploring online data publications'. Michael Charno 'Introduction to linked open data' and 'Linked data case study: the Roman Amphora Project'
February 2014 25th February _YOHRS Seminar, York Presentation by Julian Richards 'Forget about the carrots, we need more sticks' and Holly Wright 'Learning to Share: Has the rise of social media changed the way we think about sharing our research data?'
20 February _Social Media Workshop , Oxford Presentation by Katie Green 'What to keep? How to keep it? Criteria for the appraisal and selection of social media outputs for digital archiving'
12-13 February, _Digital Past, Llandudno. Attended by Katie Green, Presentation by Judith Winters ' '
January 2014 30th January, _CDH Kick-off Meeting, York Presentation by Holly Wright 'European Projects at the ADS'
16-17 January, _NEARCH project meeting, Gothenburg Presentations by Michael Charno 'Mobile App Development at ADS' and Holly Wright 'Day of Archaeology in European context'
9-11 January, _Eu/Africa meeting, Casablanca Presentation by Julian Richards 'Digital Data in archaeology: long term preservation and access – the work of the ADS'

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