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Conferences and Meetings Attended by ADS

This page lists many of the conferences, lectures, meetings, seminars and workshops which we have attended or where we have presented details of the ADS's preservation activities, research projects and our plans for future work.

Many of the presentation materials used at these events are available on request: Email

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July 2015 15th July, DPC Event, Preserving Documents Forever: When is a PDF not a PDF? , Weston Library, Oxford. Presentation by Tim Evans 'Preserving PDF at the coalface. PDF/A at the Archaeology Data Service'.
April 2015 14th April, The Rural Settlement of Roman Britain: project conference , University of Reading. Presentation by Tim Evans 'Introducing the online resource'.
March 2015 31st March, DPC Event, Getting Started in Digital Preservation , Leeds. Presentation by Ray Moore 'Making sense of a collection: what happens when things don’t go to plan?'.
25-26 March, MEDIN meeting, Edinburgh. Attended by Louisa Matthews
25 March, CIFA Archaeological Archives Group , Birmingham. Attended by Ray Moore.
16-18 March, DPTP, London. Attended by Louisa Matthews
12 March, Archaeological Archives Forum, Truro Attended by Katie Green
9-10 March, Digital Data Management Workshop, Leicester. Taught by Katie Green, Judith Winters and Michael Charno.
6-7 March, CAA UK, Bradford. Presentations by Michael Charno 'Plan, Features, Sections: Using NLP to remove ambiguity from Grey Literature' and Tim Evans 'What have the Romans ever done for us? Digital strategies for bridging research syntheses and fieldwork reports'.
30 March-3 April, CAA, Siena. Session chaired by Julian Richards and Holly Wright 'Supporting researchers in the use and reuse of archaeological data: following the ARIADNE thread' and presentation 'dB Trendlust: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the spreadsheet' by Michael Charno.
February 2015 26 February, ICOMOS UK, York Presentation by Julian Richards 'Digital Data in archaeology: long term preservation and access - the work of the Archaeology Data Service'.
24 February, Society of Antiquity Scotland Open Access Day, Edinburgh. Presentation by Julian Richards 'Opportunities and Challenges of Open Access in Archaeology' and Judith Winters.
11-12 February, Digital Past Swansea Presentation by Holly Wright 'Locloud Collections'. Attended by Judith Winters.
9-11 February, IDCC, London. Attended by Katie Green.

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