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Archaeology Data Service,
Department of Archaeology,
University of York,
The King's Manor,
Exhibition Square,
York YO1 7EP
Phone: +44 (0)1904 323 954,
Fax: +44 (0)1904 323 939,

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Staff at the ADS

Michael Charno
Michael Charno
Lead Applications Developer
Michael is responsible for accessioning, mounting and indexing the ADS collections of electronic data, and the validation of new deposits. He is especially interested in the applications of GIS and Spatial technologies as well as teaching part of the MSc in Archaeological Information Systems. email + 44 (0)1904 323 967
Tim Evans
Tim Evans
ALSF Digital Archivist
Tim is primarily responsible for managing the integration of all ALSF archaeology projects into the ADS archive and website. His other duties include accessioning/validating new datasets and providing advice to depositors. email + 44 (0)1904 323 937
Neil Gevaux
Neil Gevaux
Digital Archivist
Neil has been awarded a 12-month IFA/HLF workplace mobility bursary held within ADS and Internet Archaeology. One of Neil’s main tasks is to accession up to 15-year old Internet Archaeology articles and datasets into the ADS Collections Management system. email
Jo Gilham
Jo Gilham
Digital Archivist
Jo is responsible for accessioning, mounting and indexing the ADS collections of electronic data, and the validation of new deposits. She will also be working on the user requirements for the next stage of the OASIS project and representing the ADS at DPC events. email + 44 (0)1904 323 937
Katie Green
Dr Katie Green
Communications and Access Manager
Katie’s main roles are to develop and manage our communication and access strategy, promote the ADS, undertake overall responsibility for user services and outreach activities, provide project management and develop new projects. email +44 (0)1904 324 990
Catherine Hardman
Catherine Hardman
Deputy Director
Catherine is responsible for approaching grant holders, negotiating with depositors and acquiring access to collections. She manages collection services for the ADS, and is the first point of contact for information about data deposition. Catherine gives advice to AHRC applicants on the data management aspects of their proposed projects. She also acts as project manager for a number of projects in the ADS including the OASIS project. email + 44 (0)1904 323 982
Ray Moore
Dr Ray Moore
Digital Archivist
Ray is currently undertaking some research into the long-term sustainability of the CARARE aggregation service, as part of Europeana. He also takes an active role in the accessioning, mounting and the indexing of ADS collections, and is working on the digital archive generated during the CTRL project, along with the monthly OASIS grey-literature upload. email + 44 (0)1904 323 956
Kieron Niven
Kieron Niven
Guides Editor/Digital Archivist
Kieron Niven is the ADS Data Standards Editor and is currently working on a two year project to revise and extend the ADS Guides to Good Practice. He is responsible for the identification of authors and content together with the management of the revision process. Aside from his current ADS role in developing standards, Kieron is a previous Convenor of FISH and the previous chair of the IfA IMSIG . email + 44 (0)1904 323 973
Donna Page
Donna Page
Donna joined the ADS in 2002 with a strong background in University administration. She has an essential role in the organisational, administrative and financial management of both the ADS and Internet Archaeology. email + 44 (0)1904 323 954
Julian Richards
Prof Julian Richards
As part-time Director, Prof. Richards takes overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the ADS, and for project finances. He also takes a lead role in liaison with external organisations. email + 44 (0)1904 323 930
Jenny O
Jenny O'Brien
Digital Archivist
Jenny is a Digital Archivist responsible for accessioning, mounting and indexing the ADS collections of electronic data, and the validation of new deposits. email + 44 (0)1904 323 3954
Holly Wright
Dr Holly Wright
European Projects Manager
Holly manages the ADS contribution to a range of major European research projects, including ARIADNE and LoCloud. email + 44 (0)1904 323 967
Judith Winters
Judith Winters
Internet Archaeology Editor
Judith is the Editor for the e-journal Internet Archaeology. Internet Archaeology is archived by the ADS and Judith works very closely with us to the extent that we share infrastructure and management. email + 44 (0) 1904 323 955
Lei Xia
Lei Xia
Application Developer
Lei is a technical officer and responsible for providing IT support and Software Application Development to ADS projects. He is especially interested in Text and Multimedia Mining, Machine Learning (Mainly classification: semi-supervised learning, kernel methods, graph-based methods) and Web Technologies. email + 44 (0)1904 323 937
Paul Young
Dr Paul Young
Web Developer
Paul joined the ADS in August 2012 and is responsible for developing and maintaining the CMS (Collection Management System). Paul also worked at the ADS between April 2010 and March 2011 and has worked in the Chemistry Department and the library since joining the University in 2002. email + 44 (0)1904 323 937

Former ADS staff.

The following may be contacted via the ADS Help Desk or via 01904 323954:

Dr Stuart Jeffrey, Jen Mitcham, Jon Bateman, Stewart Waller, Dr Keith Westcott, Frances Condron, Kate Fernie, Dr Jon Kenny, Dr William Kilbride, Dr Paul Miller, Maureen Poulton, Dr Damian Robinson, Marcus Smith, Dr Alicia Wise, Emma O'Riordan, Gary Nobles.

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