Access the full range of range of new tools available from the ADS

Welcome to the ADS website, we hope you like it and we especially hope it makes your archaeological research easier, more intuitive and more rewarding. There are a number of new features of the website that should help to make this to happen and myADS is one of them, why not register as a myADS user to take full advantage of them.

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Why register?

myADS is the part of the website that allows you to tailor the service to suit the way you work and to enhance its usefulness in ways that match your specific research and browsing requirements.


Access your 'Favourite Resources' in the myADS Workbook. Using the 'save to favorites' (star) icon at the bottom of each page throughout the website, you can build up your very own resource tailored to suit.

Save your searches, if you have run a complex search and what to save the results to comeback to them again for further analysis simply save them to myADS Workbook and they will be accessible next time you log in.


While logged into myADS, your recent exploration of the data is saved to your myADS History. Use this page to review what you were doing on a certain day and come back to resources without searching for them from scratch.

Additional services

Registered ADS users can take advantage of a number of additional myADS services, such as tailored email alerts, download of results sets in various formats (forthcoming) and the opportunity to beta test new site functionality and user features before general release, and there is plenty of these in the pipeline.


We have the utmost respect for your privacy, any personal information supplied to the ADS is managed in accordance with the University of York's privacy policy and no personally identifiable information will ever be passed to third parties (the ADS website does not use Google Analytics). The ADS will only use email or postal address's to contact you where you have explicitly given permission or requested that we do so, for example email notification of new archive releases.


Not happy with our choice of colours? You can choose your own using a customized myADS Theme.

Terms and Conditions Challenge

A significant benefit for frequent ADS users is that on registration you are required to accept the ADS standard Terms and Conditions Challenge - we are required to ask you to do this as part of the agreement we have with our depositors. As a registered ADS user you will only be asked to accept the terms and conditions once, as opposed to non-registered users who are required to accept the conditions at the start of, and through out, each search session

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