Guidelines for Depositors (Version 3.0 September 2015)


Introduction to the Guidelines
Why Deposit Data?
Depositing with the ADS
What to Deposit
How to Deposit
Preparing Collections for Deposit
Data Management Plans
File Management (Formats, Structure, Naming, Versioning)
Selection and Retention
File-level Metadata Requirements
Databases, Spreadsheets and Statistics
Raster Images
Geophysics and Remote Sensing
CAD and Vector Images
Geographical Information Systems
Video and Audio
Virtual Reality
Collection-level Metadata Requirements
Deposit Check List


ADS would like to thank the Archives and Record Association (ARA) for providing funding for the project to update the Guidelines for Depositors from the ARA research and advocacy fund. Without this funding such an extensive refreshment of the Guidelines for Depositors would not have been possible.

ADS would also like to thank everyone that took part in the user surveys and focus groups, without which the user analysis could not have taken place. ADS will endeavour to continue to improve the Guidelines for Depositors and the ADS website into the future as a result of the invaluable feedback provided.

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