Background to Principles Paper on 'Supporting long term access to Digital Material'

November 2010

At a time when digital formats are increasingly important, it is vital to ensure they are sustainable and accessible over the long term. This is equally the case for materials that originate in digital format, and for those that originate in different forms which are then digitally reformatted.

To support this, MLA has commissioned these principles. They have been produced on its behalf by Collections Trust, in collaboration with the following organisations:

  • The National Archives
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Archaeology Data Service
  • The British Library
  • Collections Trust
  • Digital Preservation Coalition
  • Museums Galleries Scotland
  • Joint Information Systems Committee

The principles will be followed up by further work, to help front-line organisations embed them in their practices:

  • Guidelines for Creating, Acquiring & Managing Digital Material in Museums, Libraries & Archives. These will help organisations navigate the plethora of resources, guidance and other materials which support digital preservation, and point them to the main standards for digitisation in the sector.
  • Guidance on Managing the Digitisation Content Supply Chain. This will help organisations obtain impact from their digital content, through ensuring suitability for use in a wide range of formats.

Download the paper (PDF)

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