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During our early years the ADS had a policy of collecting early computer platforms (hardware and software) that may have been used by people and organisations concerned with the Historic Environment. The generousness of this community; academic, professional and the general public, has seen numbers of computers, peripherals and software packages donated to the ADS 'Museum of Archaeological Computing'. The Museum was not intended as a static exhibition only but as a tool to facilitate data recovery where this is on now defunct media which is also operating system dependent in many cases.

The ADS Computer Museum has now moved to become part of the much larger Jim Austin Computer Collection []. The latter is run by Jim Austin; a Professor of Computing Science at the University of York. The collection is described one of the largest in the UK.

The ADS lacked the space and time to curate its collection properly so this move can only be seen as benficial. Jim has assured access and advice if needed.

A big thanks to those of you who donated items to the ADS

The following links provide lists of ADS acquisitions prior to their donation to the Jim Austin Computer Collection: