Notes and Papers

This section contains a selection of documents relating to the creation and long term curation of digital research outputs. Those links or documents marked as {archive} are no longer updated and are not likely to adhere to current ADS styling or accessibility standards, however they may still contain advice and information of some use to the researcher and are presented here for the benefit of those wishing to read further into the background of these topics. Further reading of interest may also be noted in the ADS Bibliography Section.


Principles Paper on Supporting Long Term Access to Digital Material

Archiving Digital Documents

Case Studies in Digital Technology {archived 2008}

Managing Digital Collections {archived 2008}

Case Studies in Digital Data {archived 2008}

Creating a Viable Scholarly Data Resource {archived 2008}

Resource Guide for the Arts and Humanities {archived 2008}

AHDS Newsletters {archived 2008}

Strategies for Digital Data {archived 1999}

A metadata example for geophysics data {archived 2005}

Resource Discovery Workshop report {archived 1997}

An Application of Dublin Core to Archaeological Data {archived 1996}