Useful Sites


ArchNet is an impressive and comprehensive collection of archaeological links. These are ordered by subject and region, with links to academic departments, museums, journals and more. There is also a featured site of the month and a search facility.

ARGE (Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe)

ARGE is a collection of hypertext links for archaeological information resources across Europe. These links are by country, subject, or period; a database search is also available.

Citing Electronic Publications

A very easy to use guide to citing information from the whole range of electronic information resources, from the WWW to email.

CBA (Council For British Archaeology)

Contains current information about the CBA including details of projects and membership information as well as advice for people wishing to get involved in archaeology. There are links to the CBA magazine British Archaeology and its information supplement CBA Briefing.

Current Archaeology Directory

Information on the magazine "Current Archaeology" and how to subscribe. There are also many useful links, including lists of excavations.

UK Archaeology on the Internet - Trent and Peak Directory

A comprehensive guide to all aspects of archaeology in the UK, including links to University Departments, National Bodies, Societies, Units, Museums, On-Line Journals and a searchable database.

Archaeology: an introduction - an electronic companion

A selection of Internet links to supplement Kevin Greene's book Archaeology: an introduction (1995). Diverse and comprehensive.


'ArchLaw is a group of lawyers, archaeologists, anthropologists and other professionals dedicated to the protection of the world's cultural heritage.' Although small at the moment it does have the makings of a site which will contain lots of useful information. At the moment there are details of the UK Treasure Act of 1996.

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