Archaeological Anagrams!

Even more archaeological anagrams to help fill all those gaps between your coffee breaks, work breaks, sickness breaks and pub breaks! Why do I think the clues won't be of some use?!

  1. A mint is scum -- Penny Farthing
  2. Exit ransom -- Russian politics, but not quite
  3. Frisky, cool noble -- Hooded legend, also of Huntingdon
  4. Stools scrape up -- After action
  5. Hare award -- Hellenistic grave good
  6. Nudist degrees -- Men and women as you've never seen them before
  7. Spoil chrome -- Colourful crystals
  8. Never gnashed on beauty -- Circular stones
  9. Mock Saint -- Now it's time!
  10. Branch jotter -- Fragmented Antiquarian?
  11. Lads think sanely -- Theoretical and phenomenological use of long words
  12. Of balminess age -- Fountain of knowledge
  13. I quantity -- Very old
  14. Dame Levi -- Almost very old
  15. Is not ethnic, coitional Hitlerism -- Science moves on
  16. Huge agitator or creepy alcohol -- Of violent confrontations in the past
  17. Picked artist -- Local landscape, to us anyway
  18. Piece stolen -- Bend me, shape me!
  19. Reach gooey goal -- Recent stratigraphy with no faults or folds
  20. A manic wild elm -- Antiquarian Tudor Rose -- One of Britannia's best
  21. Chaotic chill -- Time set in bronze
  22. Skiving -- Only working on raids
  23. The intact quencher -- Producing a straight cutting edge
  24. Meagreness yet shortly -- Procedures of the ordinary kind
  25. I am a cruel turtle -- Archaeology!?
Click here for the answers -- if you really want to know that is.

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