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Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
Volume: 1 (1859)

Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 1 (1859)- Cover

Table of Contents

I. An Abstract of an Account of the Anglo-Saxon Legend of St. Veronica.
C. W. Goodwin, M. A. (pp. 003-004)
PDF 616 Kb
II. Notes on some Medieval Seals in the Collection of the Society.
A. Way, M. A. (pp. 005-006)
PDF 573 Kb
III. Results of an examination of the "Nonae Rolls," as they relate to Cambridgeshire.
Rev. E. Venables, M. A. (pp. 007-014)
PDF 841 Kb
IV. A Catalogue of Tradesmen's Tokens known to have been issued in the County of Cambridge during the latter part of the 17th Century.
C. C. Babington, M. A. (pp. 015-028)
PDF 954 Kb
V. Some Account of a very scarce "Lyfe of St Radegunde."
Rev. C. Hardwick, M. A. (pp. 029-032)
PDF 643 Kb
VI. On Church and Parochial Libraries.
Rev. J. J. Smith, M. A. (pp. 033-036)
PDF 673 Kb
VII. On a Graeco-Egyptian Papyrus preserved in the British Museum.
C. W. Goodwin, M. A. (pp. 037-042)
PDF 829 Kb
VIII. On some Roman Pottery found near Foxton, Cambridgeshire, and presented to the Society by John Bendyshe, Esq.
C. C. Babington, M. A. (pp. 043-046)
PDF 724 Kb
IX. A Letter of the time of James I. addressed by St John's College to the Countess of Shrewsbury.
Rev. John Rigg, M. A. (pp. 047-048)
PDF 571 Kb
X. Suggestions towards the production of an "Athenae Cantabrigienses."
J. O. Halliwell, F. R. S. (pp. 049-050)
PDF 594 Kb
XI. On some Antiquities found in Corpus Christi College in the year 1852.
C. C. Babington, M. A. (pp. 051-054)
PDF 803 Kb
XII. Notes on some Roman Buildings at Cirencester, the Roman Corinium.
C. H. Newmarch, Esq. (pp. 055-058)
PDF 685 Kb
XIII. On the Orientation of King's College Chapel.
J. Rigg, M. A. (pp. 059-062)
PDF 655 Kb
XIV. On the Origin of the name of Petty Cury, as applied to a street in Cambridge.
C. H. Cooper, F. S. A. (pp. 063-064)
PDF 570 Kb
XV. Abstract of some Suggestions towards an "Athenae Cantabrigienses."
Rev. J. J. Smith, M. A. (pp. 065-066)
PDF 588 Kb
XVI. MS. Notes inserted in a copy of King Edward VI. First Prayer-Book, in the Church Library at Beccles.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 067-070)
PDF 660 Kb
XVII. The Vow of Widowhood of Margaret Countess of Richmond and Derby (Foundress of Christ's and St John's Colleges): with Notices of similar vows in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries.
C. H. Cooper, F. S. A. (pp. 071-080)
PDF 939 Kb
XVIII. A Letter from Oliver Cromwell to his sister Elizabeth Cromwell, with brief notes thereon.
C. H. Cooper, F. S. A. (pp. 081-084)
PDF 634 Kb
XIX. "Articuli Universitatis Cantabrigiae:" a form of petition addressed to King Henry V., about the year 1415, in vindication of some ancient usages. Edited, with a few notes, by the Rev. C. Hardwick, M. A.
Rev. C. Hardwick, M. A. (pp. 085-094)
PDF 990 Kb
XX. On the Foss, or Devil's Ditch, near Brandon, and that near Swaffham, in the county of Norfolk.
C. C. Babington, M. A. (pp. 095-096)
PDF 586 Kb
XXI. Notice of two Catalogues of a Monastic Library.
Rev. G. E. Corrie, D. D. (pp. 097-098)
PDF 575 Kb
XXII. Letters of Roger Ascham, communicated by the Rev. J. E. B. Mayor, M. A.
Rev. J. E. B. Mayor, M. A. (pp. 099-124)
PDF 1 Mb
XXIII. Mortuary Roll, sent forth by the Prior and Convent of Ely, on the death of John de Hothom, Bishop of Ely, deceased, January, A. D. 1336-7.
A. Way, M. A. (pp. 125-140)
PDF 1 Mb
XXIV. An Account of the Excavation of Tumuli, made by the Rev. J. J. Smith, near Bincombe, in Dorsetshire, in 1842, derived from his original notes in the possession of the Society.
C. C. Babington, M. A. (pp. 141-146)
PDF 798 Kb
XXV. An Ancient Calendar preserved in the Library of Jesus College.
Rev. G. E. Corrie, D. D. (pp. 147-168)
PDF 1 Mb
XXVI. Notices of the Gift or Render of a Sore Hawk, with especial reference to a Fine levied in the Town Court of Cambridge, (21 Edw. III.)
C. H. Cooper, F. S. A. (pp. 169-176)
PDF 837 Kb
XXVII. Lament of Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester when convicted of Sorcery.
Rev. C. Hardwick, M. A. (pp. 177-190)
PDF 1 Mb
XXVIII. On Two Fragments of the Acts of the Martyrs Chamoul and Justus, in the Sahidic dialect, on a Papyrus in the British Museum.
C. W. Goodwin, M. A. (pp. 191-194)
PDF 655 Kb
XXIX. A Letter relating to the life of Cudworth, addressed to the University of Cambridge, by J. T. Mosheim; together with the Answer of the University. Extracted from Baker's Manuscripts, and communicated by the Rev. J. E. B. Mayor, M. A.
Rev. J. E. B. Mayor, M. A. (pp. 195-200)
PDF 775 Kb
XXX. Notes on Chantries and Free Chapels; with an account of those in the County of Cambridge; together with the foundation charter of Ansty's Chantry at Stow-cum-Quy.
Rev. E. Ventris, M. A. (pp. 201-240)
PDF 2 Mb
XXXI. Inventory of the Plate sent to King Charles I. by Queens' College, Cambridge, and receipt for moneys advanced for his service by the President and Fellows, 1642. With Notes.
C. H. Cooper, F. S. A. (pp. 241-252)
PDF 1 Mb
XXXII. Materials for a Life of Dr Richard Sibbes.
Rev. J. E. B. Mayor, M. A. (pp. 253-264)
PDF 1 Mb
XXXIII. On the Parish Accounts of Boxford in Suffolk, from A. D. 1529 to 1596.
Rev. G. E. Corrie, D. D. (pp. 265-272)
PDF 865 Kb
XXXIV. On the earlier High Stewards of the University of Cambridge.
C. H. Cooper, F. S. A. (pp. 273-280)
PDF 784 Kb
XXXV. Notices of the King's Seals for passes given to Labourers and Servants, in accordance with the Statute passed at the Parliament of Cambridge, Sept. 12 Ric. II A. D. 1388.
A. Way, M. A. (pp. 281-286)
PDF 816 Kb
XXXVI. Notices of W. Millington, First Provost of King's College.
Rev. G. Williams, B. D. (pp. 287-328)
PDF 2 Mb
XXXVII. Robert Woodlark, Founder and First Master of St Catharine's Hall.
Rev. C. Hardwick, M. A. (pp. 329-338)
PDF 1005 Kb
XXXVIII. On the West Mere at Wretham, near Thetford, in Norfolk.
C. C. Babington, M. A. (pp. 339-342)
PDF 643 Kb
XXXIX. Letter from Rob. Booth of St John's College to Dr Claiton, Master, concerning the Second Court.
Rev. J. E. B. Mayor, M. A. (pp. 343-346)
PDF 666 Kb
XL. The Actors in Dr Legge's Tragedy of Ricardus Tertius, performed at St John's College at the Bachelors' Commencement, 1579-80.
C. H. Cooper, F. S. A. (pp. 347-358)
PDF 1013 Kb
XLI. Manumissions of Serfs extracted from the records if King's College.
Rev. G. Williams, B. D. (pp. 359-360)
PDF 619 Kb
XLII. On a Bronze Falx found in the fens.
C. C. Babington, M. A. (pp. 361-364)
PDF 687 Kb
XLIII. Sir Robert Rede.
Rev. T. Brocklebank, M. A. (pp. 365-374)
PDF 966 Kb
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 375-379)
PDF 685 Kb

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