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Cataractonium: Roman Catterick and its hinterland. Excavations and research, 1958-1997 Part I

by P R Wilson

CBA Research Report No 128 (2002)



This archive is a digital version of the publication 'Cataractonium: Roman Catterick and its hinterland. Excavations and research, 1958-1997 Part I'. The sections are in 'pdf' format, requiring Adobe Acrobat compatible software for viewing (for more information, see help on Viewers or click here ). The contents of the publication are listed below. To open a section simply click on the red text.


Title pages     (pages i - iv)78Kb
Contents     (pages v - vii)95Kb
List of figures     (pages viii - xii)76Kb
List of plates     (pages xiii - xiv)71Kb
List of tables     (pages xv - xvi)49Kb
List of contents of CD     (page xvii)73Kb
            The contents of the CD are available here
Preface and dedication     (pages xviii - xix)83Kb
Acknowledgements     (pages xx - xxii)93Kb
Summary     (pages xxiii - xxvii)109Kb
1 Geology, topography, and soils     (pages 1 - 7)2Mb
2 The archaeological background     (pages 8 - 33)8Mb
3 Remote sensing     (pages 34 - 45)376Kb
4 Excavations
    4.1 The 1958-9 Bypass excavations (Site 433)
        Phase 1 (c AD 80-125)     (pages 46 - 54)5Mb
        Phase 2 (AD 125-60)     (pages 54 - 58)4Mb
        Phase 3 (c 160-200)     (pages 58 - 76)2Mb
        Phase 4 Timber buildings (c AD 200 to later-3rd century)     (pages 76 - 83)870Kb
        Phase 5 - Stone buildings c AD 250-350/5     (pages 83 - 99)1.4Mb
        Phase 6 - Phase 6a (c AD 350/5-c 380+)     (pages 99 - 114)1.3Mb
        Phase 7 (c 380-5th century)     (pages 114 - 119)2Mb
        Phase 8 (Anglo-Saxon-6th Century)     (pages 119 - 122)158Kb
    4.2 Catterick 1972 (Site 434)     (pages 122 - 138)2.4Mb
5 Excavations by the Centre for Archaeology
    5.1 Bainesse (Site 46)
            Phases 1 to 6 (c AD 80-200/20)     (pages 139 - 167)7Mb
            Phases 7 to 10 (AD200/20-6th century)     (pages 167 - 185)5Mb
    5.2 Catterick Bridge (Site 240)     (pages 185 - 205)10Mb
    5.3 Honey Pot Road (Site 251)     (pages 205 - 208)467Kb
    5.4 Catterick Racecourse (Site 273)     (pages 209 - 216)956Kb
    5.5 Catterick Triangle (Site 425)     (pages 217 - 231)5Mb
6 Excavations and recording on other sites
    6.1 Excavations in Catterick RAF Camp 1966     (pages 232 - 234)2Mb
    6.2 Cadbury-Schweppes Factory sites     (pages 235 - 242)1Mb
7 Pottery discussions     (pages 243 - 249)163Kb
8 Pottery from Catterick Bypass Excavations and Catterick 1972
    (Sites 433 and 434)
    (pages 250 - 351)
9 Pottery from the CfA excavations     (pages 352 - 496)14Mb
10 Pottery from other sites     (pages 497 - 503)364Kb
11 Graffiti     (pages 504 - 517)958Kb
12 Brick and tile     (pages 518 - 525)1Mb
Part I - Concluding remarks     (pages 527 - 528)88Kb
Bibliography     (pages 529 - 555)182Kb
Index     (pages 557 - 567)135Kb
Fold-out figures
Figure 23 Cataractonium environs magnetometer survey areas 171Kb
Figure 24 Cataractonium environs magnetometer grey scale plots 969Kb
Figure 25 Cataractonium environs magnetometer survey interpretative plots 2Mb
Figure 26 1:10,000 plot of prehistoric and Roman period cropmarks in the Catterick area 230Kb
Figure 27 1:2500 plot of cropmarks in the immediate environs of Cataractonium 493Kb
Figure 32 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        layout of trenches showing location of sections included in the report
Figure 34 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        overall plan of Phases 1 and 2
Figure 35 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        detailed plan of Insula III in Phases 1 and 2 showing Flavian bath house
Figure 36 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        Sections 36 a-f
Figure 39 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        Sections 39a-j
Figure 41 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        Sections 41a-k
Figure 44 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        detailed plan of mansio (Buildings III.3, III.4b, and III.5b) in Phase 3
Figure 46 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        Sections 46a-l
Figure 49 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        overall plan of Phase 5
Figure 51 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        detailed plan of Insulae VI and VII in Phase 5
Figure 52 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        Sections 52a-c
Figure 54 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        detailed plan of Insula III in Phase 6-7
Figure 55 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        detailed plan of Insulae VI and VII in Phase 6a
Figure 56 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        detailed plan of Insulae VI and VII in Phase 6b
Figure 57 Catterick Bypass (Site 433)
        detailed plan of Insulae VI and VII in Phase 7
Figure 71 Bainesse (Site 46)
Figure 101 Catterick Bridge (Site 240)
Figure 115 Catterick Triangle (Site 425)
Figure 118 Thornbrough Farm (Sites 452 and 482)
        a and b) Site 452 sections; c) Site 482 section


The sections are all available in PDF format which preserves the layout of the original publication. To read the PDF files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software which is available, free of charge, for many computing platforms from the Adobe web site by clicking on the following button:

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