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Excavations at St Mary's Church, Deerhurst 1971-73

Philip Rahtz

CBA Research Report No 15 (1976)

ISBN 0 900312 34 3


Title page of report 15

This report describes the results of excavations around the ruined east end of St Mary's Church, Deerhurst, Glos. New evidence was found of the relationships between the structural components of the east end. Many burials were found both inside and outside the structures; some burial was shown to be earlier than the first definable stone structure. Other features may be associated with monastic buildings beyond the east end. Some Roman pottery and building material was found in the excavation, and also Saxon worked stone, including a fragment of a wheel-cross head. A radiocarbon date centring in the late 7th century was obtained from an extra-mural feature.

A preliminary account is also given of new finds and features in other parts of the church complex. These include a 12th century sculpture re-used in the belfry stage of the tower, other Saxon and medieval worked stone in local buildings, a survey of the graveyard, and fieldwork in the village and parish. The bulldozing of earthworks near Odda's Chapel was observed; a little Roman material was found, and structures located which may be Roman tile kilns.


  • Title pages (5 pp)
  • Introduction and acknowledgments (p1)
  • Earlier work on the east end (pp1-4)
  • The excavation: (pp 4-6)
    • Recording system (p 4)
    • Method (p 4)
    • Maps and Locations (p 4)
    • Stratification (p 4)
    • Levels (p 6)
  • Periods: (pp 6-23)
    • Summary (p 6)
    • Period I: Pre-first stone church: (pp 6-7)
      • Prehistoric (p 6)
      • Roman (pp 6-7)
      • Other pre-first stone church features (p 7)
    • Period IIa: First stone church - first phase (p 7)
    • Period IIb: First stone church - second phase (pp 7-10)
    • Period IIc: Pre-apse, contemporary with periods I, IIa, or IIb (pp 10-11)
    • Period IId: Possibly as IIc, but not securely related (pp 11-12)
    • Period III: Semicircular apse (p 13)
    • Period IV: Introduction (p 13)
    • Period IVa: The south porticus (pp 14-15)
    • Period IVb: The north/north-east porticus (pp 15-17)
    • Period IVc: The south-east porticus (p 17)
    • Period V: The polygonal apse (pp 17-21)
    • PD: Other pre-Dissolution features and finds (p 21)
    • PM: Post-medieval (pp 21-23)
  • Conclusion: (pp 23-24)
    • Possible sequence of development (pp 23-24)
  • Fieldwork and other observations: (pp 24-26)
    • Other excavation (pp 24-25)
    • Other finds observed (p 25)
    • The graveyard survey (pp 25-26)
    • Field survey (p 26)
  • The finds: (pp 26-35)
    • Stone (pp 26-29)
    • Romanesque sculpture, with notes by Professor D Walsh (pp 29-30)
    • Slag (p 30)
    • Iron (p 30)
    • Other metals (p 30)
    • Glass (p 30)
    • Fired clay (pp 30-32)
    • Charcoal (p 32)
    • Coal (p 32)
    • Animal bone identified by Miss B Noddle (p 32)
    • Pottery (p 33)
    • Mortar (pp 33-34)
    • Radiocarbon determinations by Professor F W Shotton (pp 34-35)
  • The burials: by Miss S Hirst (pp 35-38)
    • Key to human bone table (p 38)
  • The skeletal remains: by Dr J Morris (pp 38-39)
    • General condition (p 38)
    • The number of individuals (p 38)
    • The age of the individuals (p 38)
    • Probable sex of the individuals (p 38)
    • Expected stature of the individuals (p 38)
    • Pathological changes (pp 38-39)
    • Points of interest (p 39)
    • Non-human remains (p 39)
    • Conclusions (p 39)
  • Bibliography (pp 39-40)
  • Notes (p 40)
  • Human bone table (pp 41-45)
  • Details of layers and features (pp 46-59)

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