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Settlement patterns in the Oxford region: excavations at the Abingdon causewayed enclosure and other sites

H J Case and A W R Whittle (Editors)

CBA Research Report No 44 (1982)

ISBN 0 906780 14 4


Title page of report 44

The field work and excavations reported here, together with recent excavations by the Oxfordshire Archaeological Unit and other work including that in Berkshire give one a glimpse of settlement patterns evolving in a single region from the earliest times until the recent past.


  • Title pages
  • Contents (p v-vi)
  • Introduction by H J Case (p 1)
    • Settlement patterns in the Oxford region: an outline (pp 1-10)
    • Summary of excavated sites (pp 7-7)
    • Silting (pp 7-8)
    • Other editorial notes (pp 8-10)
  • The Neolithic causewayed enclosure, Abingdon by M Avery (pp 10-50)
    • Introduction(pp 10-12)
    • Excavation (pp 12-26)
    • Reports on finds and other specialist reports (pp 26-50)
  • A neolithic burial enclosure at New Wintles Farm, Eynsham by R Kenward (pp 51-54)
    • The outer ditch (p 51)
    • The inner ditch (p 51)
    • The pits (pp 51-53)
    • The finds (p 53)
    • Discussion and interpretation (pp 53-54)
  • A Neolithic ring-ditch and Iron Age enclosure at Newham-Murren, near Wallingford by P R S Moorey (pp 55-59)
    • The ring-ditch (pp 55-59)
    • The Iron Age enclosure (p 59)
  • The linear ditches and southern enclosure, North Stoke by H J Case (pp 60-75)
    • Introduction (pp 60-62)
    • The 1950-52 excavation (pp 62-70)
    • Reports on finds and other specialist reports (pp 70-75)
  • Radley 15, a Late Beaker ring-ditch by D N Riley (pp 76-80)
    • The ditches (p 76)
    • The interior (pp 76-78)
    • The finds (pp 78-79)
    • Discussion (pp 79-80)
  • Four ring-ditches at Stanton Harcourt by R E Linington (pp 81-87)
    • Ring-ditch XXIX, 1 (pp 81-83)
    • Ring-ditch XXIX, 3 (pp 83-85)
    • Ring-ditch XXIX, 4 (pp 85-86)
    • Ring-ditch XXIII, 2 (pp 86-87)
    • The labour force invloved in constructing ring-ditches XXIX, 1 and XXIX, 3 by D W A Startin (p 87)
  • Six ring-dicthes at Standlake by H W Catling (pp 88-102)
    • The ring-ditches (pp 88-101)
    • Discussion (pp 101-102)
  • The Vicarage field, Stanton Harcourt by H J Case (pp 103-117)
    • Lower Paleaolithic (p 103)
    • Late Neolithic (pp 103-106)
    • Bronze Age (pp 106-111)
    • Iron Age (pp 111-115)
    • Romano-British (pp 115-116)
    • Saxon and Medieval (pp 116-117)
    • Recent (p 117)
  • Cassington 1950-52: Late Neolithic pits and the Big Enclosure by H J Case (pp 118-151)
    • Introduction (pp 118-121)
    • Excavations 1950-52 (p 121)
    • Late Neolithic (pp 121-129)
    • Iron Age and Romano-British (pp 129-139)
    • Reports on finds from Smith's Pit 2 and other specialist reports (pp 139-151)
  • Plant impressions on local Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery and daub in the Department of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum by P Murphy (p 152)
  • Prehistoric earthmoving by D W A Startin (pp 153-156)
  • Bibliography (pp 157-161)
  • Plates

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Settlement patterns in the Oxford region: excavations at the Abingdon causewayed enclosure and other sites (CBA Research Report 44) PDF 10 Mb