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The mansio and other sites in the south-eastern sector of Caesaromagus

P J Drury

CBA Research Report No 66 (1988)

Chelmsford Archaeological Trust Report 3.1

ISBN 0 906780 52 7


Title page of report 66

This report is the second in a series describing excavations undertaken by Chelmsford Excavation Committee between its inception in 1968 and 1976, when responsibility for rescue excavation in the area was assumed by Essex County Council. The first of this series was published as CBA Research Report no. 26 in 1978.

This volume concentrates on Roman sites in the south-eastern sector of Caesaromagus, in particular the mansio sites, (especially Z, AD, AK, AR), the Orchard Street Hall (site T), 59-63 Moulsham Street (site S), and 179-80 Moulsham Street (site AA).


  • Title pages
  • Contents (pp v-vi)
  • Microfiche supplement (p vii)
  • List of illustrations (p viii)
  • Introduction (pp 1-4)
  • The mansio (pp 5-42)
    • Introduction (pp 5-9)
    • Prehistoric activity in the mansio area (Periods I-II) (p 9)
    • Site AR: Excavations in the sites of 30 Orchard Street, 1977-8 (pp 9-22)
    • Sites Z and AK: Excavations in Roman Road and Orchard Street, 1973, 1975 (pp 22-34)
    • Site AD: Excavations in the Baths, 1849-50, 1947-9, 1957-8 (pp 34-40)
    • Minor excavations in the mansio area (pp 40-42)
  • III Site T: Excavations on the sites of the Orchard Street Hall, 1972-3 (pp 43-49)
  • IV Site S: Excavations on the site of 59-63 Moulsham Street, 1972-3 (pp 50-70)
  • V Site AA: Excavations at the rear of 179-80 Moulsham Street, 1968 (pp 71-75)
  • VI Observations in the vicinity of sites S and AA (p 76)
  • VII The building materials by NP Wickenden and P J Drury (pp 77-90)
    • Stone (p 77)
    • Marble inlay and mouldings (pp 77-78)
    • Objects of Purbeck marble (p 78)
    • Tessellated pavements (pp 78-79)
    • Tile (pp 79-84)
    • Daub (pp 84-86)
    • Painted wall plaster (pp 86-89)
    • Pigments by J Bayley (pp 89-90)
  • VIII The loose finds (pp 91-117)
    • Roman coins by R Reece with I Carradice (pp 91-93)
    • A silver finger ring by M Henig (pp 93-94)
    • Other objects of silver by N P Wickenden (p 94)
    • The brooches by S A Butcher (pp 94-95)
    • Other objects of copper alloy by N P Wickenden (pp 95-100)
    • Objects of lead and lead alloy by N P Wickenden (p 100)
    • Objects of iron by W H Manning and I R Scott (pp 100-105)
    • Metalworking slags by J Bayley and L Biek (p 106)
    • Objects of bone and antler By N P Wickenden (pp 106-107)
    • A hoard of jet and shale by M Henig and N P Wickenden (pp 107-110)
    • Other objects of jet and shale by N P Wickenden (pp 110-111)
    • The glass by D Charlesworth (pp 111-114)
    • Objects of stone by N P Wickenden (pp 114-116)
    • Objects of fired clay by N P Wickenden (p 116)
    • Stratified pottery from the Iron Age structure, Site Z by P J Drury (p 117)
    • Briquetage by N P Wickenden (p 117)
  • IX Environmental evidence (pp 118-124)
    • The faunal remains by R M Luff (pp 118-123)
    • Shellfish by N P Wickenden (p 123)
    • Plant remains from site AR, votive shaft 2 by D Gay Wilson (p 124)
  • X Discussion and conclusions (pp 125-138)
  • Bibliography (pp 139-141)
  • Plates 1-8
  • Microfiche 1 (finds)
  • Microfiche 2 (environmental)
  • Microfiche 3 (the mansio - excavated features)
  • Microfiche 4 (the excavated features)
  • Microfiche 4 (the excavated features)

Download report

The mansio and other sites in the south-eastern sector of Caesaromagus (CBA Research Report 66) PDF 16 Mb
The mansio and other sites in the south-eastern sector of Caesaromagus (microfiche) PDF 17 Mb

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