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Henley Wood,Temples and Cemetery: Excavations 1962-69 by the late Ernest Greenfield and others

Lorna Watts and Peter Leach

CBA Research Report No 99 (1996)

ISBN 1 872414 73 7


Title page of report 99

Rescue excavations at Henley Wood,Yatton,North Somerset were undertaken during the 1960s in advance of quarring.The earliest finds were Neolithic flints.There were also Iron Age finds and Roman temple.


  • Title Pages
  • Contents (pp v-vii)
  • List of figures (pp viii-x)
  • List of plates (pp xi)
  • List of tables (pp xii-xiii)
  • Contents of microfiche (pp xiv-xv)
  • Summary in English, French and German (pp 1-2)
  • Preface and acknowledgements (pp 3)
  • Introduction (pp 4)
    • Background to the excavations (pp 4)
    • Previous knowledge and condition of the site (pp 4)
    • The form of the report (pp 4)
    • Location of the finds and archive (pp 4)
  • The site and its settings (pp 5-11)
    • Location, topography and resources (pp 5)
    • The hillfort of Cadbury Congresbury and its relationship to Henley Wood (pp 5-9)
    • The place name by Margaret Gelling (pp 9)
    • Temples in Somerset and neighbouring areas (pp 9-11)
    • Late and post-Roman cemeteries in Somerset (pp 11)
  • The excavations (pp 12-15)
    • Excavation method (pp 12)
    • The recording system (pp 13)
    • Post-excavation procedures (pp 14-15)
  • Area I (Temples ?1-3) (pp 16-30)
    • Summary of periodisation and chronology (pp 16)
    • Introduction (pp 16)
    • Excavation method (pp 16)
    • Recording(pp 16)
    • Post-excavation work (pp 16)
    • Structural phases (pp 16-27)
    • Area I, general comments and discussion (pp 27-30)
  • Area II (pp 31-32)
    • Introduction (pp MF330)
    • The evidence form Area II (pp MF331)
    • Interpretation of Area II (pp MF331)
    • Finds from Area II (pp MF332)
  • Area III (temple precinct) (pp 33-34)
    • Introduction (pp 33)
    • The evidence from Area III (pp 33)
    • Finds from Area III (pp 33)
    • Area III, interpretation and general comments (pp 33-34)
  • Area IV (pp 35-38)
    • Introduction (pp 35)
    • The evidence from Area IV (pp 35)
    • Finds from Area IV (pp 36-37)
    • General comments (pp 37)
    • The dating of Structure 4 (pp 37)
    • The relationship of Area IV to Area I (pp 37-38)
  • Area V (the temenos ditch) (pp 39-42)
    • Introduction (pp 39)
    • The temenos ditch, V.F30 (pp 39)
    • Stratification within V.F30 (pp 39)
    • Features V.382 and V.380 (pp 39)
    • Finds from Area V (pp 39)
    • Area V, interpretation and discussion (pp 39-42)
  • Area VI (pp 43-45)
  • Area VII (pp 46)
  • The cemetery (pp 46-75)
    • Introduction (pp 46)
    • Comments on the classes of information in MF Table 20, including human bone report by Justine Bayley and orientation by Philip Rahtz (pp 46-64)
    • Finds in grave fillings (pp 64-66)
    • The chronology of the cemetery, incorporating comments by Julian Richards, David Haddon-Reece, David Jordan and Jill Walker (pp 66-69)
    • Spatial organisation of the cemetery (pp 69-74)
    • General comments on and discussion of the cemetery (pp 74-75)
  • The finds (pp 76-137)
    • Introduction (pp 76)
    • Thematic classification (pp 76)
    • Thematic category groups (pp 76-77)
    • Prehistoric, including a contribution on the flints by the Late Anne Everton and Iron Age pottery (pp 77-79)
    • Personal, including contributions by Sarnia Butcher, Elizabeth Fowler, Martin Henig, the late Dorothy Charlesworth and Justine Bayley (pp 79-87)
    • Tools and implements, including contributions by the late Derek Allen, the late FW Anderson, Richard Reece and Lorna Watts (pp 87-95)
    • Fittings and furnishings (pp 95-96)
    • Utensils/household,including contributions by Brenda Dickinson, Kay Hartley and David Williams (pp 96-126)
    • Buildings/services (pp 127-130)
    • Religious/votive, including contributions by Martin Henig and Justine Bayley (pp 130-133)
    • Industrial, including a contribution by Justine Bayley (pp 133)
    • Environmental, inluding a contribution by Roger Jones (pp 134-137)
    • Miscellaneous (pp 137)
    • Medieval and post-medieval (pp 137)
  • Synthesis and discussion (pp 138-148)
    • Introduction (pp 138)
    • Location and resources (pp 138)
    • The prehistoric-protohistoric evidence (pp 138-142)
    • The 1st-3rd centuries (pp 142-143)
    • The 3rd-4th/5th centuries AD (pp 143-144)
    • Religious activity at Henley Wood (pp 144-145)
    • Temple precinct and cemetery (pp 145-146)
    • The cemetery (pp 146-148)
    • Conclusion (pp 148)
  • Bibliography (pp 149-153)
  • Plates (pp 154-161)

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Henley Wood,Temples and Cemetery: Excavations 1962-69 by the late Ernest Greenfield and others (CBA Research Report 99) PDF 6 Mb
Henley Wood,Temples and Cemetery: Excavations 1962-69 by the late Ernest Greenfield and others (microfiche) PDF 38 Mb