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Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society (2015) Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Transactions [data-set]. York: Archaeology Data Service [distributor]

Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society (1895) Series: 1, Volume 13.

Table of Contents

Anon. (pp. i-iv)
PDF 890 Kb
Anon. (pp. v-viii)
PDF 949 Kb
In Memoriam. The Rev, Thomas Lees, M.A., F.S.A., Vicar of Wreay
Anon. (pp. 1-4)
PDF 1 Mb
The Common Seal of the Borough of Appleby.
W. H. St. John Hope, M.A. (pp. 5-8)
PDF 1 Mb
Queen Katherine Parr and Sudeley Castle.
Fred. Brooksbank Garnett, C.B. (pp. 9-19)
PDF 3 Mb
Benefactors to the Library, Appleby Grammar School.
R. E. Leach, M.A., F.G.S., Headmaster (pp. 20-36)
PDF 3 Mb
Gleaston Castle.
H. S. Cowper, F.S.A (pp. 37-49)
PDF 3 Mb
Excursions and Proceedings.
Anon. (pp. 50-58)
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on John Penny, Bishop of Carlisle, 1505-20. Part I.
Rev. James Wilson, M.A. (pp. 59-61)
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on John Penny, Bishop of Carlisle, 1505-20. Part II.
J. Holme Nicholson, M.A. (pp. 61-63)
PDF 2 Mb
Burton Church.
J. Chalmers (pp. 64-68)
PDF 1 Mb
Cumberland and Westmorland under the Tudors, being Extracts from the Register of the Privy Council in the reigns of Henry VIII. and Edward VI.
T. H. Hodgson (pp. 69-85)
PDF 4 Mb
On some Obsolete and Semi-Obsolete Appliances.
H. Swainson Cowper, F.S.A. (pp. 86-102)
PDF 5 Mb
The Early Registers of the Parish of Westward.
Rev. James Wilson, M.A. (pp. 103-117)
PDF 3 Mb
Pre-Norman Cross-Shaft at Heversham.
Rev. W. S. Calverley, F.S.A. (pp. 118-124)
PDF 2 Mb
Westmorland Parish Registers.
Rev. Henry Whitehead, M.A., Vicar of Lanercost (pp. 125-141)
PDF 3 Mb
Brasses in the Diocese of Carlisle.
Rev. R. Bower, M.A., Vicar of St. Cuthbert's, Carlisle (pp. 142-151)
PDF 5 Mb
Some Signatures of Carlisle Notaries.
Rev. James Wilson, M.A. (pp. 152-163)
PDF 3 Mb
On a Bronze Vessel of Roman Date found at Clifton, near Penrith.
the President (pp. 164)
PDF 875 Kb
A Fourth Century Tombstone from Carlisle.
F. Haverfield, M.A., F.S.A. (pp. 165-171)
PDF 2 Mb
A Survey of the City of Carlisle in 1684-5, from the Collection of Lord Dartmouth.
the President (pp. 172-193)
PDF 4 Mb
Church Bells in Leath Ward, No. III.
Rev. H. Whitehead (pp. 194-217)
PDF 5 Mb
The Denton Manuscripts.
the President (pp. 218-223)
PDF 1 Mb
On Two Roman Inscriptions recently found at Carlisle.
F. Haverfield, F.S.A. (pp. 224-226)
PDF 1 Mb
Extracts from the Records of the Privy Council relating to Cumberland and Westmorland in the Reign of Queen Mary.
T. H. Hodgson (pp. 227-250)
PDF 6 Mb
A Grave Cover of Tiles at Carlisle.
the President (pp. 251-252)
PDF 927 Kb
A Grasmere Farmer's Sale Schedule in 1710.
H. S. Cowper, F.S.A. (pp. 253-268)
PDF 2 Mb
The Homes of the Kirkbys of Kirkby Ireleth.
H. S. Cowper, F.S.A. (pp. 269-286)
PDF 6 Mb
Wall Paintings at Kirkby Hall.
H. S. Cowper, F.S.A. (pp. 287-290)
PDF 2 Mb
Excursions and Proceedings
Anon. (pp. 291-309)
PDF 5 Mb
Church Bells in Leath Ward, No. 4.
Rev. H. Whitehead (pp. 310-342)
PDF 7 Mb
On Touching for the King's Evil.
Henry Barnes, M.D., F.R.S.E. (pp. 343-363)
PDF 5 Mb
The Victims of the Tudor Disestablishment in Cumberland and Westmorland during the reigns of Edward VI. and Mary.
Rev. James Wilson, M.A. (pp. 364-388)
PDF 5 Mb
On a Tumulus at Old Parks, Kirkoswald: with some Remarks on One at Aspatria, and also on Cup, Ring, and other Rock Markings in Cumberland and Westmorland.
the President, Chancellor Ferguson, F.S.A. (pp. 389-399)
PDF 9 Mb
On some additional Seals of the Bishops of Carlisle.
Mrs. Henry Ware (pp. 400-401)
PDF 1 Mb
Bone Spear or Harpoon Head from Terra del Fuego, found on peat near Crosby-on-Eden.
T. H. Hodgson (pp. 402)
PDF 1008 Kb
Some Manx Names in Cumbria.
W. G. Collingwood, M.A., with Notes by Mr. Eirikr Magnusson (pp. 403-414)
PDF 4 Mb
Toast Dogs, Frying Pans, and Peats.
J. H. Martindale (pp. 415-419)
PDF 4 Mb
The Hutton Effigies, now in Great Salkeld Churchyard, formerly in Penrith Church.
George Watson, Penrith (pp. 420-430)
PDF 3 Mb
Note on the Inscribed Door Head at Crakeplace Hall, in the County of Cumberland.
J. Holme Nicholson, M.A. (pp. 431-432)
PDF 831 Kb
Colton Church.
Rev. A. A. Williams, the Vicar (pp. 433-436)
PDF 1 Mb
On a Milestone of Carausius and other recent Roman Finds.
the President and F. Haverfield, F.S.A. (pp. 437-439)
PDF 1 Mb
A Pedigree of the descendants of John Waugh, D.D., Bishop of Carlisle, showing their connection with the family of Tullie of Carlisle.
Henry Wagner, F.S.A., with an Introduction by the President (pp. 440-448)
PDF 2 Mb
The Roman Fort on Hardknott known as Hardknott Castle.
Rev. W. S. Calverley, F.S.A. (pp. 449-452)
PDF 1 Mb
Report of the Cumberland Excavation Committee 1894.
F. Haverfield, F.S.A. (pp. 453-470)
PDF 17 Mb
List of Members
Anon. (pp. 471-486)
PDF 3 Mb
Detailed Catalogue of the publications of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian And Archaeological Society.
Anon. (pp. 1-12)
PDF 3 Mb
Extra Series of Volumes.
Anon. (pp. 13-15)
PDF 1 Mb