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[AOC logo] click for homepage"AOC Archaeology Group responds to clients' needs across the British Isles as one of Britain's leading archaeological and heritage management service providers with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Southampton and Dublin.

AOC Archaeology Group provides archaeological planning advice to a wide range of clients including property developers and their agents. Their role is to assist the developer in dealing with any on-site archaeology in an ethical but cost-effective manner through the careful integration of any archaeological works within the development strategy.

AOC Archaeology fieldwork teams are composed of highly experienced and skilled field archaeologists who can competently handle a wide range of different types of sites and projects. AOC Archaeology also undertakes specialist field and post-excavation services including underwater archaeology, forensic archaeology, dendrochronology, osteoarchaeology and the study of pottery, building material, lithics and metalwork. AOC Archaeology Group also specialises in the measured survey and analysis of historic buildings and their settings."


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Records 1 - 25 of 1118

PDF   (323KB) Dalland, M (1995)'Archaeological Assessment: Nosterfield Quarry'.
PDF   (4MB) Anon (1997)'Archaeological Watching Brief at Caistor Grammar School, Caistor, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (20MB) Anon (1997)'Archaeological Evaluation at Church Farm (with separate illustrations report), Fillingham, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (2MB) Tyler, D. (1997)'Waithe Village LV Distribution. An Archaeological Watching Brief at Waithe, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (2MB) Tyler, D. (1997)'An Archaeological Watching Brief at Manor Farm, Stewton, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (13MB) Anon (1997)'Archaeological Evaluation at Land north of Alford Road, Sutton on Sea, Mablethorpe Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (7MB) Cavanagh, C (1998)'An Archaeological Evaluation at Aldborough Gate, Boroughbridge'.
PDF   (3MB) Palmer, D. (1998)'Westfield Road, Peterborough. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (29MB) Anon (1998)'Archaeological Evaluation at Glentham Residential Development, Barff Lane, Glentham, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (8MB) Cavanagh, C. (1998)'Archaeological Evalaution. Station Road, Knaith Park, Knaith, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (1MB) Hulka, K. (1998)'Archaeological Evaluation Report: Glebe Allotments, Church Knapp, Wyke Road, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, Dorset'.
PDF   (7MB) Anon (1998)'Archaeological Watching Brief at Fotherby Top 22kv rebuild North Elkington, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (25MB) Entwhistle, R. (1999)'Archive report on the field evaluation and area excavations at Bloswood Lane, Whitchurch, Hampshire, 1998'.
[Multiple files available] Howe, T (1999)'An Archaeological Evaluation at Moselle Place/William Street, Tottenham, London Borough of Haringey.'.
[Multiple files available] Helmley, S (2001)'High Farm, Throxenby, Scarborough, N. Yorks. An Archaeological Assessment'.
[Multiple files available] Clarke , C Hall, J (2002)'An archaeological Desk-based assessment/Historic building assessment of Merton College'.
[Multiple files available] Melikian,M. (2004)'report on the archaeological excavation at Beggarwood Lane,hatch Warren,Basingstoke'.
DOC   (56KB) Eddisford, D. (2004)'An archaeological evaluation at Kirkdale Road, Leytonstone'.
DOC   (106KB) 'Edwards,C.'/'Humphrey,R.' (2004)'An archaeological evaluation at Chequers Lane'.
PDF   (4MB) Edwards, C (2004)'Chelsea College of Art and Design:An Archaeological Watching Brief Report'.
PDF   (708KB) Fitz (2004)'41 Maltby Street-Archaeological watching Brief'.
PDF   (326KB) Andrew leonard (2004)'Warnham Court Farm, West Sussex'.
PDF   (1MB) Sophie Adams/Angus Stephenson (2004)'Arunside (Lineside) Industrial Estate, Fort Road, Littlehampton - Archaeological Excavation'.
DOC   (534KB) Melissa Melikian (2004)'An Archaeological Watching Brief of the Exhumation of the Jesuit Cemetery at Whitelands College, Roehampton, London Borough of Wandsworth '.
DOC   (562KB) Fitz (2004)'an archaeological watching brief at 10-12 heathfield road, Croydon '. n/a

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