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ARCHAS Cultural Heritage Ltd is a commercial Archaeological and Historic Environment Consultancy able to provide developers, construction professionals, utility companies, the energy sector and environmental consultancies with a wide range of Archaeological and Historic Environment services.

With wide ranging experience in the archaeology and heritage sector, ARCHAS can bring invaluable understanding, knowledge and value to a project team. ARCHAS ensure that any heritage issues are resolved in a timely, professional and efficient manner.



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Cameron, R (2015) 'Barns Farm, Dalgety Bay, Fife, Archaeological Desk-based Assessment and Walkover Survey'. 200
Cameron, R Rees, ARoy (2015) '18 Whitehouse Road, Cramond'. 206
Doran, J Cameron, R (2015) '4-10 Cramond Place, Cramond, City of Edinburgh, Archaeological Evaluation and Monitoring '. 217
Cameron, R (2015) 'Old Mill House Hydropower Scheme, Milton Brae, Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire - Archaeological Monitoring: Data Structure Report'. 220
Cameron, R (2015) 'Dippool Farm, Fordmouth, Suth Lanarkshire - Desk Based Assessment and Walkover Survey'. 218
Cameron, R (2015) 'The Granary, Mlton of Ogilvie, Angus, Standing Building Record - Data Structure Report'. ARCHAS 201
Cameron, R (2015) 'Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, Angus - Archaeological Watching Brief, Test Pits: Data Strcuture Report'. 209
Cameron, R (2015) 'Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, Angus: Archaeological Desk Based Assessment'. 209
Doran, J Rees, ARoy (2015) 'Land East of Lynwood, North Connel, Argyll and Bute Archaeological Monitoring Data Structure Report'. 215
Cameron, R (2015) 'Morenish Farm - New planting, Killin, Perthshire - Archaeological Assessment: Data Strcuture Report'. 222
Cameron, R (2015) 'Quality Street, Dysart, Fife: Archaeological Evaluation - Data Structure Report'. 228
Doran, J Rees, ARoy (2015) '15 South Street Milnathort, Pwerth and Kinross Standing Building Recording Data Structure Report'. 221
Cameron, R (2015) '21 Marketgate North, Crail, Fife: Archaeological Evaluation - Data Structure Report'. 214
Cameron, R (2015) 'Durham Wynd, Lower Largo, Fife - Archaeological Evaluation: Data Structure Report'. 211
Cameron, R (2015) 'Loch Leven Lodges, Findatie Farm, Perth and Kinross: Archaeological Evaluation - Data Structure Report'. 194
Cameron, R (2015) 'Camphill Blair Drummond, Stirling - Archaeological Evaluation: Data Structure Report'. 219
Cameron, R (2015) 'Annet Burn Hydro Electric Scheme, Braes of Doune, Stirling: Archaeological Monitoring - Data Strcuture Report'. 202
Cameron, R (2016) 'Milton Glen, Callander, Perthshire: Archaeological Monitoring - Data Structure Report'. 225
Cameron, R (2016) 'Castle Craig Woodland, Peebles, Scottish Borders: Infrastructure Works, Archaeological Watching Brief - Data Structure Report'. 250
Cameron, R (2016) 'Erection of Equestrian Centre, Farmhouse and Dwellings, Bankwood Farm, Carnwath, South Lanarkshire: Archaeological Evaluation - Data Structure Report'. 253
Cameron, R Doran, J (2016) 'Dundas Dairy, Dundas Home Farm, City of Edinburgh - Archaeological Evaluation: Data Structure Report'. 234
Cameron, R (2016) '62-64 St John's Road, Corstorphine - Archaeological Evaluation: Data Structure Report'. 235
Cameron, R (2016) 'Edston Woodland Creation Scheme, Peebles, Scottish Borders - Walkover Survey: Data Structure Report'. 249
Cameron, R (2016) 'Buckieburn Forestry Track - Archaeological Watching Brief: Data Structure Report'. 229
Cameron, R (2016) 'Troon Harbour: Archaeological Assesment'. 241
Cameron, R (2016) '21 Dumbarton Road, Stirling: Archaeological Evaluation - Data Structure Report'. 254

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