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Results for Abingdon Archaeological Geophysics

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Ainslie, R (2010) 'Exeter College: Geophysical Surveys'.
Ainslie, R (2010) 'Rye Farm Geophysical Survey'. 16/2010
Ainslie, R (2011) '215 Radley Rd Abingdon - Geophysics'.
Ainslie, R (2011) 'Ewelme Oxfordshire - Geophysical Surveys'. 017/2011
Mileson, S (2011) 'The South Oxfordshire Project'. 41
Ainslie, R (2012) 'Chilswell geophysics'.
Ainslie, R (2012) 'Hurst Hill, Cumnor, Oxfordshire- Geophysical surveys'. 2012-09
Ainslie, R (2012) 'Resistivity at Weston-on-the Green church'. South Midlands Archaeology
Ainslie, R (2013) 'Abingdon Abbey Checker undercroft'.
Ainslie, R (2014) 'West Field. Totternhoe'. 2014-11
Ainslie, R (2014) 'Thornbury, Binsey - magnetometry'. 2014-14
Ainslie, R (2014) 'Wigginton, Oxon. Magnetometry'. 2014-07
Ainslie, R (2014) 'Warpsgrove, Oxfordshire, Magnetometry and Earth Resistance Surveys'. 2014-03
Ainslie, R (2014) 'Greater Rycote Oxfordshire, Magnetometry and Earth resistance Surveys.'. 2014/02
Ainslie, R (2014) 'Little Rycote, Oxfordshire, magnetometry and Earth resistance Surveys.'. 2014/01
Ainslie, R (2015) 'Collyweston Terraces'. 2015-07
Ainslie, R (2015) 'Appuldurcombe House Geophysics'. 2015-03
Ainslie, R (2016) 'Drayton Barrow'. 2016-05v5R
Ainslie, R (2016) 'Land East of Wallingford Rd, Cholsey, Oxon.'. 2016-12R

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