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Results for Albion Archaeology

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"Albion Archaeology, originally established in 1972 as Bedfordshire County Archaeology Service (BCAS), is a professional archaeological organisation providing a full range of archaeological services to the private, public and voluntary sectors. Based in the historic St Mary's Church in the heart of Bedford, we operate on a regional and national basis, helped by good transport links to large parts of central, eastern and southern England.

With expert staff and a client-focused approach, we are able to deliver high quality archaeological work, offering value for money and a commitment to work with the client to ensure minimum delay and disruption. Our work contributes to a wider understanding of the past and Albion is committed to ensuring that the results of that work are reported through academic publication, community and educational projects, public talks and displays. Outreach is an important strand to Albion's work."


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Records 1 - 25 of 574

PDF   (2MB) Anon (1993)'A1 Tempsford Overbridge Scheme Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (25MB) Anon (1993)'A5 Dunstable Eastern Bypass. Stage 2 Non-Intrusive Field Evaluation'.
PDF   (45MB) Luke, M (1999)'Toplers Hill Archaeological Evaluation Stage 1'.
PDF   (15MB) Luke, M (1999)'Topler's Hill Archaeological field evaluation stage 2 Trial excavation and synthesis of results '.
PDF   (4MB) Luke, M (2000)'Investigation of an early-middle iron age settlement and field system at Topler's Hill'.
PDF   (1MB) Luke, M, Phillips, M (2001)'77 81 Ampthill Road Shefford Archaeological Field Evaluation'. Document 2001/148
[Multiple files available] 'Watters, Julian' (2001)'Oakley Vale, Corby, Northamptonshire: results of field artefact collection'. 2001/53
PDF   (234KB) Thompson, A. (2001)'Land at Goswell End, Harlington'. 2001/32
PDF   (234KB) Thompson, A. (2001)'Land at Goswell End, Harlington'. 2001/32
PDF   (337KB) Albion Archaeology (2002)'Prebend Lodge, Hunter Street'. 2002/23
PDF   (1MB) Anon (2002)'Land at Woodside Farm Sandy Bedfordshire. Archaeological Field Evaluation'. Document: 2002/56
PDF   (2MB) Pixley, J. and Preece, T. / Shotlif, D. and Oetgen, J.M. (2002)'Castle Mill Airfield, Bedford: archaeological evaluation: trial trenching'. 2002-28
PDF   (960KB) 'Edmondson, G' 'Preece, T' (2002)'Land at Grey's Farm, Kempston - Achaeological Field Evaluation'. 02/62
PDF   (22MB) Luke, M. (2002)'Marsh Leys Farm, Kempston, Bedfordshire: Assessment of potential and Updated Project Design'. 2002/42
PDF   (3MB) Luke, M. and Preece, T. (2003)'Evidence for multi period activity at the former Bridgman joinery works Harrold'.
PDF   (1MB) Abrams, J. (2003)'Ivel Darm Sandy Quarry Archaeological Investigations on Haul Road North and Extraction Phase 2. Interim Report'.
PDF   (7MB) Hounsell, D. (2003)'Land East of Bedford Road Marston Moretaine Archaeological Field Evaluation'. Document: 2003/64
PDF   (2MB) Edmondson, G. (2003)'Land East of Saxon Drive Biggleswade Archaeological Field Evaluation'. Document: 2003/47
PDF   (2MB) Edmondson, G. and Beswick, I. (2003)'Land West of Stratton Farm, Biggleswade. Trial Excavation'. Document: 2003/56
PDF   (1MB) Mallows, C. / Oetgen, J.M. (2003)'Land North of Norse Road, Bedford'.
PDF   (1MB) Edmondson Gary and Wells Jackie (2003)'Land at Queen Street, Stotfold, Bedfordshire: Archaeological Field Evaluation'. 2003.28
PDF   (9MB) 'Thorpe R, Phillips M, Watters J and Wells J' (2003)'A505 Baldock Bypass. Archaeological Field Evaluation'. 2003/11
PDF   (413KB) 'Phillips, Mark' (2003)'Shefford Lower School, Shefford, Bedfordshire: Archaeological Field Evaluation'. 2003/13
PDF   (356KB) 'Phillips, M' (2003)'St Mary's Church Rushden, Hertfordshire - Archaeological Field Evaluation'. 2003/60

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