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PDF   (9MB) Archaeo-Environment (2004)'Desk Top Assessment of the Former Washington Chimical Works for Sunderland City Council'. Project Code PTW/WCC/03/04 (Report: 0026)
[online resource] Middleton, P (2007)'Balliol College Farm Buildings Survey'. 0035-02/07
[online resource] Middleton, P and Hardie, C (2007)'Chester Farm Irchester - Conservation Statement and Statement of Significance'. Report No: 0031-1/07
PDF   (2MB) Hardie, C. (2008)'Church Farm, Church Brough, Eden District, Cumbria'. 0043/1-08
PDF   (3MB) Archaeo-Environment (2008)'An archaeological assessment of a proposed relocated council depot at Ettrick Grove to the west of Barnes Park'. 0052-2
[file currently unavailable] Archaeo-Environment (2008)'57a The Green, Hurworth, Darlington, County Durham'. Report Number 0041/1-08
[file currently unavailable] Archaeo-Environment (2008)'Sheraton Village, Easington, County Durham'. 0042/1-08
PDF   (4MB) Archaeo-Environment (2009)'Historic Environment Survey for the National Trust Properties on the Northumberland Coast: General Background and Management Recommendations'. Report: 0058/8-09
PDF   (5MB) Archaeo-Environment (2009)'Richmond Market Place, North Yorkshire: An Archaeological Watching Brief'. Report: 0075/09
PDF   (5MB) Archaeo-Environment (2009)'Limestone Landsacpes: Historic Environment Audit and Action Plan'. Report: 0059/1-09
[file currently unavailable] Archaeo-Environment (2009)'Low Woodside Farm, Iveston, County Durham'. 0060/08
[file currently unavailable] Archaeo-Environment (2009)'Melkridge House, 95 Gilesgate, Durham: Archaeological Watching Brief'. Report: 0066/09
[file currently unavailable] Archaeo-Environment (2009)'Bolam Village, County Durham: An Appraisal of the Archaeological and Historic Landscape Context of Bolam as Supporting Material for Designation as a Conservation Area'. Report: 0070/09
PDF   (1MB) Archaeo-Environment Ltd. (2010)'Limestone Landscapes: Historic Environment Action Plan'. Report: 0059/3-10
PDF   (14MB) Archaeo-Environment (2010)'St Mary's and St Romuald's Catholic Church, Yarm, Cleveland: Archaeological Evaluation Report'. Report: 0076/2-10
PDF   (6MB) Archaeo-Environment (2010)'Seafield Caravan Park, Seahouses, Northumberland: archaeological desk based assessment'. Report: 0080/3-10
PDF   (4MB) Hardie, C. (2013)'Quarry House, Rudchester, Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland Heritage assessment'.

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