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Results for Archaeological Investigations Ltd

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"Archaeological Investigations Ltd. is a trading company wholly owned by the Hereford City and County Archaeological Trust Ltd. The Company has a wide range of internal expertise, but also draws on a well established network of specialist contract personnel. Besides its long-standing interest in the archaeology of Hereford, the Company carries out archaeological work including excavation, building recording and analysis, historical illustration and geophysical survey throughout the country."


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Records 1 - 25 of 64

PDF   (2MB) Vyce, D. (1999)'Stoke Lane Wychbold Worcestershire. An Archaeological Field Evaluation'.
PDF   (12MB) Boucher, A., and Oakey, N. (2004)'Doncaster Racecourse, South Yorkshire: Desk Based Assessment'. Hereford Archaeology Series 656
PDF   (2MB) Ward, B. (2005)'Nursery and Family Centre, Off Coningsby Road, Leominster: Archaeological Monitoring'. Hereford Archaeology Series 668
PDF   (3MB) Porter, S. (2005)'The Little Croase, Kingsland. Herefordshire. An Archaeological Watching Brief.'. HAS 662
PDF   (2MB) Crooks, K. (2005)'Swan Cottage, Much Marcle, Herefordshire: Archaeological Watching Brief'. Hereford Archaeology Series 658
PDF   (2MB) Crooks, K. (2005)'Land adjacent to 68 St Guthlac Street, Hereford: Archaeological Watching Brief'. Hereford Archaeology Series 657
PDF   (2MB) Ward, B (2005)'Union Street - Commercial Street'. HAS 682
PDF   (1MB) Ward, B. (2005)'King George's Playing Field'. HAS 690
PDF   (1MB) Ward, B. (2005)'St David's Pupil Referral Unit'. HAS 687
PDF   (1MB) Ward, B (2005)'Eardisley Castle House'. HAS 685
PDF   (798KB) Ward, B (2005)'Stretford Bridge Fam, Stretford Bridge, Monkland, Herefordshire'. HAS 684
PDF   (12MB) Porter, S. (2005)'Oxley Park (West)'. HAS 659
PDF   (588KB) Porter, S. (2005)'10 Whaddon Road, Shenley Brook End. Milton Keynes'. HAS 674
PDF   (7MB) Craddock-Bennett, L/Oakey, N. (2006)'St. Mary Magdalene Church Eardisley, Archaeological Watching Brief'. Hereford Archaeology Series 740
PDF   (11MB) Rees, C Boucher, A (2006)'Police Station Extensions, Hereford'. HAS 712
PDF   (8MB) Craddock-Bennett, L/Boucher, A (2006)'Leen Farm, Pembridge. Archaeological Watching Brief'. HAS708
PDF   (1MB) Boucher, A Craddock-Bennett, L (2006)'18a Church Vale, West Bromwich. Archaeological Evaluation.'. Hereford Archaeology Series 718
PDF   (1MB) Craddock-Bennett, L/Boucher, A (2006)'Court-y-Park, Pixley. Archaeological Evaluation'. HAS701
PDF   (10MB) Craddock-Bennett, L (2006)'Detton Hall, Cleobury Mortimer, Archaeological Evaluation'. HAS 722
PDF   (1MB) Porter, S. and Oakey, N. (2006)'Land at Victoria street/ Albert Street, Wednesbury. Sandwell'. HAS 724
PDF   (19MB) Craddock-Bennett, L/Boucher, A (2006)'Proposed site of Doncaster Racecourse Hotel South Yorkshire. Archaeological Evaluation and Building Recording.'. Hereford Archaeology Series 738
PDF   (21MB) Boucher, A Craddock-Bennett, L Rees, C (2006)'Doncaster Bloodstocks Sales Site - Archaeological Evaluation and Geophysical Survey'. HAS 732
PDF   (1MB) Ward, B.; Oakey, N. (2006)'Mill Court, Ledbury Road, Hereford'. HAS 697
PDF   (13MB) Rees, C./Rouse, D./Boucher, A. (2006)'St. Martins Allotments, Hereford. Archaeological Watching Brief.'. HAS719
PDF   (5MB) Rouse, D./Porter, S./Boucher, A. (2006)'ECA Unit, Stonebow Road, Hereford, Herefordshire. Archaeological Watching Brief.'. HAS717
PDF   (7MB) Rouse, D./Mayes, S./Boucher, A. (2006)'The Whitecross Monument, Whitecross, Hereford'. HAS729

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