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"AS is one of the largest private archaeological contracting companies in the UK. It is a recognised Investor In People.

AS have successfully carried out over 2000 archaeological projects throughout the UK covering sites of all sizes and periods. Working in advance of development, these projects have contributed significantly to our archaeological understanding, and the formulation of research agendas for future work.

AS provides a comprehensive archaeological service to both public and private sectors, and undertakes work nationwide. With a history of over 15 years AS is equipped and staffed to tender for a wide range of projects throughout the UK. From our central location we are in easy reach of the A1, M1, M11 and M25 motorways with our fleet of liveried vans. A second office in Suffolk's historic market town of Bury St Edmunds supports our work undertaken in East Anglia.

AS is always seeking to improve the quality of our project work and services. We follow national guidelines relating to excavation , on-site recording, post excavation, archiving etc. Our health and safety practices follow current legislation and are regularly reviewed."


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Records 1 - 25 of 969

PDF   (1MB) Gardner, R. (2001)'Phase III, Cedars Park, Stowmarket: An Archaeological Evaluation (Field Walking and Metal Detector Survey)'.
PDF   (1MB) O'Brien, L (2002)'Land East of Mill Lane, Water Newton, Cambridgeshire. An Archaeological Excavation. Archive Report.'. Report No. 2056
PDF   (533KB) Thomas, A. (2002)'56 Chester Street, Cirencester, Gloucesterhire. Archaeological Evaluation'. AS Report 02/02
PDF   (1MB) Wilkins, B. and Roberts, B. (2003)'Land to the South of the A120, Takeley, Essex (Barkers Tanks Site). Archaeological Excavation Report'. Report No. 1301
PDF   (1MB) Britchfield, D Wilkins, B (2003)'Coventry Canal Basin, St Nicholas Street, Coventry'.
DOC   (180KB) Thompson, P. (2004)'211-221 Worton Road Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6DW: An archaeological desk based assessment'. AS Report no 1712
PDF   (1MB) Thompson, P. (2004)'Land at Water Orton, Birmingham Overhead Electricity Line Route, Phase 1, Non-Intrusive Archaeological Survey'. AS Report No 1678
PDF   (5MB) Crank, N. Manning, K. Nicholson, K. Rennell, R. (2004)'Residential Development, Scotts Close, Hilton, Cambridgeshire'. AS Report No. 1653
PDF   (3MB) Grant, J. Murray, J. Williams, J. (2004)'67 - 77 Marlborough Grove, Lonon, SE1; an archaeological evaluation and environmental assessment'. AS report no. 1548
PDF   (2MB) Wotherspoon, M., Goldsmith, A., Gibson, A., Grant, J. (2004)'18 and 19 George Street, St. Albans.'. AS Report No. 1506
PDF   (10MB) Anon (2004)'South Witham Quarry, South Witham, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (1MB) Thompson, P. and Williams, J. (2004)'Heybridge Causeway Meadow, Maldon, Essex: archaeological monitoring and recording '. Report No. 1590
PDF   (1MB) Williams, J. and Grant, J. (2004)'Land at Football Close, Baldock, Hertfordshire. An Archaeological Evaluation'. Report No. 1487
PDF   (2MB) Nicholson, K (2004)'Land Adjacent to the old Baptist Chapel, Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire. An Archaeological excavation. Interim Report'. Report No. 1594
PDF   (3MB) Nicholson, K. (2004)'Watersmeet, Mill Common, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Archaeological Excavation Final Report'. Report No. 1780
PDF   (1MB) Eddisford, D, Williamson, I, Doyle, K and O'Brien, L (2004)'Archaeological Trial Trench Evaluation at Land at Dernford Farm, Sawston'. Report No. 1741
PDF   (4MB) Grant, J Weston, P (2004)'Dernford Farm, Sawston, Cambridgeshire. An Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Archaeological Investigation (fieldwalking and geophysical survey)'. Report No. 1447
PDF   (5MB) Thompson, P (2004)'Cheylesmore/New Union Street, Coventry'.
PDF   (4MB) Doyle K, McConnell D (2005)'Lodge Farm, Costessey, Norfolk'. Report No. 1936
PDF   (3MB) Harris, P. (2005)'Greenacres, The Street, Sheering, Essex'. AS Report No. 1904
PDF   (917KB) Grassam, A (2005)'Two blocks of dwellings 17-19 School Lane, Welwyn. Archaeological Excavation Archive Report'. Report No.1923
PDF   (3MB) Grassman, A. (2005)'Land at West End, Haddenham, Cambridgeshire. Archaeological Excavation Archive Report'. Report No. 1809
PDF   (4MB) McConnell, D. and Grassam, A. (2005)'Land Adjacent to Great Casterton Primary School, Pickworth Road, Great Casterton, Rutland'. Report No. 1903
PDF   (13MB) Doyle, K. and Weston, P. (2005)'Beetley Quarry; on land to the east of the former railway line, Norfolk; archaeological monitoring and recording'. AS report No. 1883
PDF   (9MB) O'Brien, L. (2005)'4ZV route, High Marnham - Chesterfield; overhead electricity line route, phase 2, non-intrusive archaeological site visits'.

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