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Archenfield Archaeology Ltd was founded in 1998 in Herefordshire and is a multidisciplinary archaeological consultancy, offering a complete range of archaeological advice and services to the public and private sector. We specialise in giving archaeological advice to developers, housing associations and private individuals. We also undertake archaeological intervention, from monitoring to full-scale excavation; building survey; landscape and geophysical surveys and community-based historical and archaeological projects. Archenfield Archaeology's team of experienced archaeologists, researchers and illustrators provide a flexible service to meet the requirements of a wide, varied and expanding client base throughout the United Kingdom.



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Sherlock, H (1998) 'Bastion Mews: arcchaeological monitoring of bore-hole survey'. 0001/98
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2000) '58 Commercial Road, Hereford: archaeological monitoring'. AA/00/9
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2000) 'Rowlstone Farm and environs, Herefordshire: archaeological survey'. Report number AA_12
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2000) 'The Coppice, Oswestry, Shropshire: archaeological survey'.
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2000) 'Llanymynech heritage area: archaeological survey'.
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'Greyhound Farm and Glyneath House, Longtown, Herefordshire '. AA/01/32
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'Parkfields, Weobley, Herefordshire: archaeological evaluation'. AA/00/19
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'Llanerch-y-Coed, Clifford, Hereford: an archaeological survey'. archenfield archaeology report number 19
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'Dairy Farm, Weobley, Herefordshire: archaeological evaluation '. AA/00/18
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'Hope Mill, Lower Sapey, Worcestershire: archaeological survey'.
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'The Conder Building, Castle Street, Worcester: archaeological evaluation'.
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'Wharton Court, Leominster, Herefordshire: archaeological evaluation '. AA/01/28
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'Hatt House, Lower Sapey, Worcestershire: archaeological survey '.
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H Williams, R (2001) 'Swan House, Tarrington, Herefordshire: archaeological monitoring and building recording'. AA/01/25
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'Five Kilns, Llanymynerch, Shropshire: archaeological survey '.
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2001) 'Hunsdon Manor, Weston-under-Penyard, Herefordshire: archaeological evaluation '.
Sherlock, H (2002) 'Brooklyn Ford, Bath Road, Worcester: desk-based assessment'.
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2002) 'Dewsall Court, Herefordshire: excavation interim report '. AA/01/30
Lovell, C Pikes, PJ (2002) 'Sycamore, Bodenham, Herefordshire: archaeological monitoring and recording'. AA/02/45
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H Williams, R (2002) 'Castle Cottage, Wigmore, Herefordshire: building recording and archaeological monitoring '. AA 49
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2002) '49-53 Commercial Road, Hereford: desk-based assessment'.
Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H Williams, R (2002) 'Tuck Mill, Clehonger, Herefordshire: archaeological monitoring'.
Sherlock, H Williams, R (2002) 'Glyn Iddens, Leddington, Gloucestershire: archaeological building assessment'.
Newby-Vincent, J Pikes, PJ Sherlock, H (2002) 'The Limes railway embankment, Norton Canon, Herefordshire: archaeological survey and monitoring'. AA/01/33
Sherlock, H Pikes, PJ (2002) 'Former Davis Brooks soft drinks factory, Catherine Street/Coningsby Street, Hereford: building survey and archaeological monitoring'.
Maurice, G Sherlock, H (2003) 'Bridge Sollers Bridge, Herefordshire: archaeological evaluation '. AA/03/53

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