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Results for Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit

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Records 1 - 25 of 860

PDF   (1MB) Roe, A. and McCallum, J. (1983)'Blakesley Hall 1983 (WM1167)'. Report No. 0001
PDF   (5MB) Esmonde-Cleary, S. and Ferris, I. (1985)'Rocester Excavations Evaluation Report'. Report No. 0003
PDF   (1MB) Carver, M. (1985)'Shrewsbury Heritage Project 1985'. Report No. 0002
PDF   (1MB) Baker, N. (1985)'The of Historic Structures on Pride Hill, Shrewsbury'. Report No. 0060
PDF   (12MB) Marsden, A. (1986)'Halesowen Abbey: An historical and archaeological asessment'. Report No. 0007.02
PDF   (1MB) Leach, P. and Casey, J. (1986)'Exploratory Excavations at Dolphin Lane, Ilchester: An Interim Report 1986'. Report No. 0009
PDF   (1MB) Esmonde-Cleary, A. S. and Ferris, I. M. (1986)'Rocester Archaeology: Excavations 1985-86. An Interim Report'. Report No. 0010
PDF   (2MB) Cane, J. and Jaffa, N. (1986)'Archaeology in Leek; An Assessment of the Evidence'. Report No. 0011
PDF   (872KB) Moffett, C. (1986)'The Abbey Church, Shrewsbury; A Survey of the Transepts'. Report No. 0012
PDF   (1019KB) Baker, N. J. and Cooper, M. A. (1986)'Shrewsbury Heritage Project: Research Design'. Report No. 0006
PDF   (1MB) Baker N., Cooper, M., Darlington, J. and Maxwell, R. (1986)'Shrewsbury Heritage Project: Second Interim Report'. Report No. 0016
PDF   (205KB) Ellis, P. (1987)'A46 Road Improvements: An Archaeological Assessment'. Report No. 0235
PDF   (3MB) Ferris, I. (1987)'Halesowen Abbey: Building Survey 1987'. Report No. 0008
PDF   (1MB) Sterenberg, J. (1987)'Tamworth Medieval Deanery: Report on Building Recording Work'. Report No. 0013
PDF   (2MB) Copp, A. and Royle, C. (1987)'A Report on the Surveys conducted at Taplow Court, April 1987'. Report No. 0014
PDF   (3MB) Griffiths, D. H. (1987)'Geophysical Surveys at Homestead Moat, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton'. Report No. 0017.1
PDF   (2MB) Leach, P. (1987)'Ilchester Great Yard 1987: an archaeological evaluation'. Report No. 0019
PDF   (2MB) Pearson, T. (1987)'An Archaeological Survey of Scarborough'. Report No. 0020
PDF   (1MB) Ellis, P. (1987)'Woodsford Heath, Dorset: a preliminary archaeological evaluation of Hangar Field'. Report No. 0023
PDF   (1MB) Ellis, P. (1987)'Brewery Lane, Shepton Mallet, Somerset: an archaeological evaluation October 1987'. Report No. 0024
PDF   (3MB) Ferris, I. (1987)'The White Hart, Caldmore Green, Walsall: A Structural and Historical Survey'. Report No. 0026
PDF   (1MB) Leach, P. (1987)'Clares Carlton, Wells: An Archaeological Evaluation, November 1987'. Report No. 0027
PDF   (3MB) Ferris, I. (1987)'Langley Gatehouse, Shropshire: A Structural Survey'. Report No. 0028
PDF   (5MB) Ferris, I. And Litherland, S. (1987)'Langley Gatehouse, Shropshire: A Survey by BUFAU December 1987'. Report No. 0030
PDF   (516KB) Anon (1987)'English Bridge Gyratory System: Research Design'. Report No. 0018.01
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1987)'English Bridge Gyratory System: Research Design (Revised)'. Report No. 0018.02

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