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Results for Bristol and Region Archaeological Services

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"Bristol and Region Archaeological Services (BaRAS) was formed in 1992, having developed out of the original Field Archaeology team attached to Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. Dating back to the early 1970s, some of that team are now senior members of BaRAS. This background gives the staff of BaRAS an unrivalled knowledge of the archaeology of the region, as well as an appreciation of the economics and development needs of the area. BaRAS is a Registered Organisation with the Institute for Archaeologists."


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Records 1 - 25 of 148

PDF   (350KB) Bryant, J. (1993)'Desktop Study of Junction 20-M5'. BA/B041
PDF   (3MB) Anon (1995)'Survey and archaeological excavation of King's Weston Roman villa, Lawrence Weston, Bristol'. BA/D197
PDF   (368KB) Anon (1995)'Ilchester, Great Yard. Archaeological Excavations 1995'.
PDF   (2MB) Anon (1995)'Archaeological Evalaution of Great Meadow/Bradley Stoke Way, Bradley Stoke, Avon'. BA/D167
PDF   (5MB) Anon (1997)'Archaeological evaluation at Inns Court, Knowle West, Bristol'. BA/F323
PDF   (2MB) Anon (1997)'Archaeological Evaluation of Filwood Playing Fields, Knowle West, Bristol'. BA/F345
PDF   (4MB) Anon (1997)'Archaeological Watching Brief on the construction of 132 and 33kv overhead electricity lines to Seabank power station, Hallen, Bristol'. Report No. 263/1997
PDF   (913KB) Anon (1998)'Watching Brief at Filwood Playing Fields, Knowle West, Bristol'. Report No. 296/1998
PDF   (2MB) Anon (2001)'Archaeological evaluation of land adjacent to Bradley Stoke Way, Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire'. Report No. 779/2001
PDF   (4MB) Longman, T. (2003)'Archaeological Excavation on land at Abingdon Court Farm, Cricklade, Wiltshire'. Report No. 789/2003
PDF   (5MB) Anon (2004)'Archaeological Evaluation of land at Nos 25-43 Pilemarsh, St. George, Bristol'. Report No. 1247/2004
PDF   (5MB) Davis, E. (2005)'Archaeological Evaluation of land at Marsh House, No.11 Marsh Street, Bristol'. Report no. 1466/2005
PDF   (3MB) Davis, E. (2005)'Archaeological desktop study of land at no.39 Cooperage Road, St George, Bristol'. Report no. 1536/2005
PDF   (28MB) Davis, E. (2005)'Archaeological desktop study of land at no.232 Church Road, Redfield, Bristol'. Report no. 1465/2005
PDF   (2MB) Davis, E. (2005)'Archaeological Evaluation of land at Nos. 77-85 Church Road, Redfield, Bristol'. Report number 1260/2005
PDF   (5MB) King, A. (2006)'Archaeological Evaluation at Hanham Hall, Whittucks Road, Hanham Abbots, South Gloucestershire'. Report No. 2006/2008
[Multiple files available] King, A. (2008)'Archaeological Building Assessment of Prince William House, 30-34 Colston Street, Bristol'. BaRAS report 2058/2008
[Multiple files available] Bryant, J. (2008)'Archaeological Desk-based Assessment of The Former Colliery Chimney, Troopers Hill Road, St George, Bristol'. 1959/2008
PDF   (4MB) King, A. (2008)'Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment at 34-40 Queen Ann Road, Barton Hill, Bristol'. BaRAS Report No. 2074-2008
PDF   (2MB) Roper, S. (2008)'Archaeological Desk-based Assessment of THE WALLED GARDEN OF WINTERBOURNE HOUSE, SWAN LANE, WINTERBOURNE, SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE.'. 2037/2008
[Multiple files available] Longman, T (2008)'Archaeological Desk-based Assessment of land at Filwood Park Playing Fields, Creswicke Road, Filwood, Bristol'. Report: 2064/2008
PDF   (5MB) Tim Longman (2008)'Archaeological Desk-based Assessment of land at NO. 19 JACOBS WELLS ROAD, CLIFTON, BRISTOL.'. BaRAS Report No. 2073/2008
PDF   (1MB) Tim Longman (2008)'Archaeological Desk-based Assessment and Watching Brief at GOLDEN VALLEY MILLS, MILL LANE, BITTON, SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE.'. BaRAS Report No. 2081/2008
PDF   (2MB) Hirons, H. (2008)'Archaeological Watching Brief at NO. 15 MARKET STREET, BRADFORD-ON-AVON, WILTSHIRE.'. BaRAS Report No. 2079/2008
PDF   (4MB) Bryant, J. (2009)'Archaeological Building Recording of an outbuilding at No. 2, Pembroke Road, Shirehampton, Bristol'. Report no. 2190/2009
PDF   (1MB) Tim Longman (2009)'Archaeological Desk-based Assessment of land at SOUTH VIEW, STIBBS HILL, ST GEORGE, BRISTOL.'. Report No. 2087/2009

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