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CFA Archaeology Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services in consultancy, fieldwork and post excavation analysis. The team at CFA Archaeology Ltd has over ten years experience in Britain, Northern Ireland, Europe and the Middle East. Clients range from leading multinational corporations and government agencies to local government bodies and single partner consultancies.We provide a service on a range of projects from small scale watching briefs for residential developments, desk-based assessments and historic building surveys to large-scale excavations and Cultural Heritage Studies for Environmental Impact Assessments.



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A (1992) 'Proposed Development at Bishopsdown Farm, Salisbury. Second-Stage Archaeological Evaluation, February 1992 '.
Dunwell, A Finlayson, B Mann, S (1993) 'Ambleside Sewerage Scheme, Borrans Road, Archaeological Excavationa and Watching Brief within the Roman vicus at Ambleside'. Report 121
A (1994) 'A2 Lydden (B2060) to Dover Improvement: Archaeological report'.
Hawkes, J Valentin, J (1994) 'Archaeological Evaluation at the Sugar Beet Factory at Felsted / Little Dunmow, Essex'.
Valentin, J (1996) 'An Archaeological Evaluation of a proposed Housing Development at the former Hardye's School, Barnes Way, Dorchester'. Report no. 6496/2/0
Cox, P Robinson, S (1996) 'An Archaeological Evaluation of the proposed Village Hall site at Church Mead, Toller, Porcorum, Dorset'. Report no. 0396/2/0
Valentin, J (1996) 'An Archaeological Evaluation of a proposed redevelopment at the Coldstream Dairy, Milborne St Andrew, Dorset'. Report no. 3096/3/0
Cotton, J (1996) 'An Archaeological Evaluation of the proposed development of land South of Tinney's Lane, Sherborne, Dorset'. Report no. 0896/2/0
Cox, P Valentin, J (1999) 'An archaeological field evaluation of a proposed development at Church Field, Shroton, Dorset'. Report no. 4599/1/0
Mcmahon, P (1999) 'Archaeological investigations along the Cockey Down to Bishopdown Farm Water main replacement, near Salisbury, Wiltshire'. Document 0899/1/0
Mudie, G (2002) 'Wester Dalmeny Steading, Dalmeny - Archaeological Watching Brief and Excavations'.
Cressey, M (2002) 'Wester Dalmeny Steading, Dalmeny - Archaeological Evaluation and Baseline Building Survey'.
Johnson, Melanie Neighbour, Tim (2003) 'Hackthorpe, Penrith, Cumbria. Archaeological Excavation.'. Report no. 858. Revised 1
Cox, P (2003) 'A303 Ilminster Bypass Dualling: Historic Environment Background Report'.
Adam, N J Cox, P (2003) 'A358 Ilminster to M5 Taunton: Historic Environment Baseline Report'.
Adam, N J Cox, P (2003) 'A358 Ilminster to M5 Taunton. Historic Environment Baseline Report'.
Kirby, M (2006) 'Amberfield, Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria. Archaeological Evaluation.'. CFA Archaeology Report 1153
Mitchell, S (2006) 'Amberfield, Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria. Archaeological Excavation'. CFA Archaeology Report 1226
Kirby, M (2006) 'Amberfield, Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria. Archaeological Watching Brief'. CFA Archaeology Report 1194
Hickman, S (2007) 'Cushnie Wind Farm, Aberdeenshire - Cultural Heritage Assessment'.
Stanier, Peter H Cox, Peter W (2007) 'Isle of Portland Archaeology Survey Phase 1 Assessment'.
Glendinning, B Suddaby, I (2007) 'Buckbottom Farm, Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria. Archaeological Evaluation'. Report No. 1233.1
White, R (2007) 'Shore Road, Airth: Archaeological Evaluation'. CFA Report No 1319
Richardson, P (2007) 'Build 27, New Hunterfield, Gorebridge: Archaeological Assessment and Evaluation'. CFA Report No. 1337
White, R (2007) 'Merchiston Castle School 6th Form Boarders' Accommodation: Archaeological Assessment, Evaluation and Watching Brief'. CFA Report No. 1323
White, R Hill, I Richardson, P (2007) 'Land off Burgh Road, Carlisle, Cumbria. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Evaluation'. Report No. 1347

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