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Results for City of Lincoln Archaeology Unit

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Anon, (1990) 'Old Bishops Palace, Lincoln. Archaeological History and Assessment'.
Donel, L (1991) 'Lincoln Central Library. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (1992) 'Birchwood Link and Tritton Road Improvements. Archaeological Evaluation of Geotechnical Trial Pits'.
Hockley, J (1992) 'Proposed Ropewalk to Carholme Road Link. Archaeological Evaluation of Geotechnical Trial Pits'.
Donel, L (1992) 'Lincoln Castle Stability Survey: Archaeological recording'. CLAU Archaeological Report 13
Anon, (1992) 'Knight Place, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (1992) 'Lincoln Castle re-examination of 1983 Trench at West Gate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Hockley, J (1992) 'Proposed Ropewalk to Carholme Road Link. Archaeology'.
Anon. (1992) 'Lincoln Eastern Bypass: Stage 1. Archaeological and Historical Study'. CLAU ARCHAEOLOGICAL REPORT NO: 29
Donel, L Wragg, K (1992) 'Lincoln Cathedral Electrical Cable Installation. Archaeological report (interim)'. CLAU ARCHAEOLOGICAL REPORT NO: 30
Hockley, J (1992) 'Proposed Skewbridge Area Plan Archaeological and Historical Study'.
Hockley, J (1993) 'Land Adjacent to Church View Farm Cottage, Faldingworth Road, Spridlington, Lincolnshire: Archaeological Investigation'. CLAU Archaeological Report 65
Donel, L (1993) 'Lincoln Castle Observatory Tower Mound Retaining Wall: Archaeological Recording of Trial Pits'.
Donel, L (1993) 'Lincoln Castle. West Bank Remedial Works. Archaeological Recording'. CLAU Archaeological Report 61
Hockley, J (1993) 'Proposed Development at Church Lane, Timberland, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Desk-Top Assessment'.
Wragg, K (1993) 'Bailgate area Water mains replacement. Archaeological Recording'.
Hockley, J (1993) 'Burton Waters Marina. Archaeological and Historical Study'. CLAU Archaeological Report 38
Donel, L (1993) 'North Lincolnshire College (Proposed Student Accommodation): Archaeological Evaluation'.
Donel, LG (1993) 'Castle - Lawn Link. Archaeological Recording'.
Hockley, J (1993) 'Site of Former St Cuthberts Nursery School, Michaelgate, Lincoln: Archaeological and Historical Study'. CLAU Archaeological Report 39
Donel, LG (1993) 'Proposed Foodstore: Nettleham/Searby Roads, Lincoln, Archaeological Evaluation'.
Donel, LG (1993) 'Safeway Foodstore, Nettleham/Searby Roads. Archaeological recording'.
Wragg, K (1993) 'Monk's Abbey, Monks Road, Lincoln: report on landscaping works'.
Donel, L (1993) 'Creeton Quarry, Little Bytham, Lincolnshire: archaeological evaluation'.
Anon, (1994) '64 Newland, Lincoln. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Anon, (1994) 'Site of proposed University College of Lincolnshire Brayford South'.

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