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Results for Cornwall Council Historic Environment Service

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"The Historic Environment Service's aim is to identify, record, protect, conserve, present and interpret the historic environment and heritage of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. Formerly known as the Cornwall Archaeological Unit, the Historic Environment Service provides the following services:

Manages and runs the Cornwall and Scilly Historic Environment Record;
Provides advice and consultation on archaeology and historic buildings through development control and strategic planning policy;
Provides a countryside advice service to landowners and others on the management of the rural historic environment through agri-environment schemes;
Gives advice to all on the significance of the historic environment and how it might best be managed and conserved;
Carries out a range of projects and fieldwork through its project team, including assessment, evaluation, survey, excavation and publication;
Produces a range of popular and academic publications."


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Records 1 - 25 of 532

PDF   (1MB) Ratcliffe, J. (1992)'Initial Summary of the Excavation at Duckpool, Morwenstow'. 1992R013
PDF   (734KB) Thomas, N. (1992)'An Archaeological Asssessment of the Kilkhampton Area'.
PDF   (449KB) Herring, P. (1992)'Recording of two trenches through a Romano-British boundary at Foage, Zennor'. 1992R008
PDF   (5MB) Nowakowski, J.A (1994)'A Summary Report on the Archaeological Investigations carried out on the route of the A30 Indian Queens. Fraddon Road Improvement Scheme 1992-1994.'.
PDF   (700KB) Bayfield, T. Hartgroves, S. (1994)'A Report to County Highways. Archaeological Assessment of the Bodmin Bypass-Indian Queens (A30) Trunk Road Corridor'.
PDF   (7MB) Davis, E. (1994)'Penhale Round Excavation - PR93 - Archive Report Vol I'. 1994R044
PDF   (4MB) Davis, E. (1994)'Penhale Round Excavation - PR93 - Archive Report Vol II'. 1994R045
PDF   (1MB) Jones, A. (1996)'An Archaeological Investigation at Stencoose, Cornwall 1996'. 1996R046
PDF   (1MB) Lawson Jones, A. (1997)'Menheniot A38 Junction. An Archaeological Assessment'.
PDF   (1MB) Lawson Jones, A. (1997)'Menheniot A38 junction. An Archaeological Assessment'.
[Multiple files available] Nowakowski, J.A (1998)'A Report to English Heritage. A30 Project, Cornwall - Archaeological Investigations along the route of the Indian Queens Bypass 1992-1994. Assessment and Updated Project Design. Volume 1-4'.
PDF   (1MB) Lawson Jones, A. (1998)'Plusha A30 Junction. An archaeological assessment.'.
PDF   (7MB) Herring, P. (2000)'St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, Reports on archaeological works, 1995-1998'. 2000R088
PDF   (7MB) Sharpe, A. (2001)'Grogarth Farm, Tregony, Cornwall: archaeological assessment'.
PDF   (2MB) Cole, R. (2001)'Brea Downs to Dowran Common, St Just, Cornwall. Archaeological Watching Brief'. 2001R001
PDF   (1MB) Lawson Jones, A. (2001)'Tremough, Penryn. An Archaeological Assessment and Evaluation'. 2001R070
PDF   (7MB) Lawson Jones, A. (2001)'St Day to Redruth Gas Main Pipeline. An archaeological watching brief'. 2001R019
PDF   (2MB) Reynolds, A, (2001)'Newquay Sewage Treatment Works, Cornwall. Archaeological Mitigation'. 2001R062
PDF   (6MB) Lawson Jones, A. (2001)'Bear's Down to Ruthvoes SWW Pipeline. An archaeological watching brief'. 2001R017
PDF   (10MB) Lawson Jones, A. (2002)'Tremough, Penryn, Phase 1 excavations and landscaping works. Archaeological recording'. 2002R017
PDF   (2MB) Craze, N. Gossip, J. (2002)'Tretherras School, Newquay, Cornwall. Archaeological evaluation'. 2002R076
PDF   (5MB) Lawson Jones, A. (2002)'Par to Trebal Pipeline, Cornwall. Archaeological watching brief'. 2002R042
PDF   (4MB) Lawson Jones, A. (2003)'Little Quoit farm, St Columb Major, Cornwall. Excavation of a Romano-British smithing site'. 2003R001
PDF   (5MB) Gossip, J. (2003)'Archaeological Excavation at Tremough CUC Campus, Penryn, Cornwall. Archive Report'. 2003R034
PDF   (3MB) Preston-Jones, A, and Sturgess, J (2003)'St Ruan's Well, Grade: conservation and landscaping'. 2003R027
[Multiple files available] Preston-Jones, A (2003)'St Michael's Mount, Cornwall: repairs to cross-base on western summit'. 2004R003

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