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Results for Ed Dennison Archaeological Services Ltd

"EDAS provide a wide range of professional and cost-effective archaeological services, including appraisals, desk-top surveys and assessments, archaeological and architectural survey, evaluations and excavations, and project design and management. We have particular expertise in the survey of historic landscapes and the recording of all types of standing buildings. EDAS also have considerable experience in the provision of archaeological advice to developers and contractors, and the production of archaeological mitigation strategies.

In terms of execution, management and presentation, we have a reputation for high quality and thorough work. We also have experience of a wide variety of projects, ranging from assessing the implications of major infrastructure developments to the survey and management of individual sites and monuments.

EDAS work primarily in Yorkshire and the north of England."


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Records 1 - 25 of 192

PDF   (15MB) Dennison, E (1997)'Proposed clay extraction, Highfield Farm, Womersley, North Yorkshire'.
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (1998)'Thornborough North Henge, Tanfield Archaeological And Ecological Survey'. EDAS 1996/25.R01
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (1998)'Archaeological and architectural Survey Sheriff Hutton Castle'. EDAS 1996/10.R01
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (1999)'Barlow Methodist Chapel, Park Road, Barlow, N Yorks - Photographic Survey'. EDAS 1999/86.RO1
PDF   (8MB) Dennison, E (1999)'Former Boroughbridge Laundry Site, Langthorpe, North Yorkshire. Archaeological Observation and Recording'. EDAS 1998/66.RO1
PDF   (198KB) Francis, P (1999)'Selby National Trench Warfare Factory. Report on Research'.
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (1999)'Stile House, Sheriff Hutton, N Yorks, Archaeological Watching Brief'. EDAS 1998/55.R01
PDF   (644KB) Dennison, E (1999)'Scarborough Business Park Feasibility Study, Nov 99 - Appendix E Archaeological Study'.
PDF   (19MB) Anon (2000)'A63 Melton Grade Separated Junction. Environmental Statement Volume 2 Part 3: Cultural Heritage'.
PDF   (2MB) Dennison, E (2001)'St Wilfrid's Church, Brayton, Selby, N.Yorks. Archaeological Assessment of Proposed Extension'. EDAS 2000/121.RO1
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (2002)'High Farm Throxenby, Scarborough Additional Archaeological Assessment'. EDAS 2002/154.R01
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (2002)'High Farm, Throxenby Non-intrusive Archaeological Survey'. EDAS 2002/154.R02
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (2003)'Land North Side of Lady Edith's Drive Throxenby Archaeological Assessment'. EDAS 2003/208.Ro1
PDF   (4MB) Dennison, E (2003)'Land North side of Lady Edith's Drive Throxenby Archaeological Field Evaluation'. EDAS 2003/208.R02
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (2004)'St Andrew's Church, Middleton North Yorkshire Archaeological Observation and Recording'. EDAS 2003/210.R01
PDF   (5MB) Dennison, E (2005)'St Mary's Church Carlton, North Yorkshire Archaeological Observation and Recording'. EDAS 2004/236.R01
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (2005)'Historic Landscape Survey, Beningbrough Hall and Park, North Yorkshire Volume 1 Landscape History report'. EDAS 2003/223.R01
PDF   (16MB) Dennison, E (2005)'Draft cultural heritage Stage 1 appraisal of A19 Shipton by Beningbrough Bypass, N Yorks'.
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E (2005)'Musley Bank House, Musley Bank, Malton, North Yorkshire Archaeological Observation and recording'. EDAS 2005/266.R01
PDF   (8MB) Dennison, E. (2006)'88 Lairgate, Beverley, East Yorkshire: Architectural and Archaeological Observation, Investigation and Recording'. EDAS report 2006/282.R01
PDF   (2MB) Dennett, K. Dennison, E. (2006)'St Peter and St Paul's Church, Drax, North Yorkshire: Archaeological Observation and Recording'. EDAS report 2004/229.R01
PDF   (3MB) Dennett, K. Dennison, E. (2006)'All Saints Church, Londesborough, East Yorkshire: Archaeological Observation and Recording (Phase 2)'. EDAS report 2005/269.R02
PDF   (5MB) Dennison, E. Richardson, S. (2006)'St Mary's Church, Studley Royal, North Yorkshire: Archaeological Watching Brief'. EDAS report 2005/265.R01
[Multiple files available] Dennison, E. Richardson, S. (2006)'Haltemprice Priory Farmhouse, Willerby, East Yorkshire: An Architectural and Archaoelogical Survey'. EDAS report 2003/199.R02
[file currently unavailable] Dennison, E; Holloway, M; Richardson, S (2006)'Ravensworth Castle, Ravensworth Management Plan Volume 1 - Main report'. EDAS 2003/197.R01
[file currently unavailable] Dennison, E; Holloway, M; Richardson, S (2006)'Ravensworth Castle, Ravensworth Management Plan Volume 2 - Appendices'. EDAS 2003/197.R01

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