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Results for Essex County Council Field Archaeology Unit

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"Essex county council's Field Archaeology Unit (FAU) is a team of specialist archaeologists who carry out a wide range of field projects including excavation, survey, finds study and buildings recording.

The Field Archaeology Unit undertakes well over 100 projects each year and particular specialisms have been developed in the archaeology of the inter-tidal zone, topographical survey, fieldwalking, the recording of standing buildings and desk-top assessments of archaeological potential. Most projects derive from the impact of planning proposals on archaeological sites, where archaeological investigation needs to be carried out before development takes place. Research-based projects are also undertaken, usually grant-aided by English Heritage.

Finally, FAU carries out a range of promotional and educational activities, including the running of the annual training excavation, open days on site (where this can be done safely) and the giving of lectures/seminars/workshops."


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Records 1 - 25 of 473

PDF   (3MB) Anon (1995)'M11 Widening, Junctions 8-9: Stage 3 Archaeological Assessment'.
PDF   (2MB) Anon (1995)'M11 Widening Scheme, Junctions 8-9: Report Proposal'.
PDF   (3MB) Dale, R. (1999)'Fairlop Quarry, Hainault Road, London Borough of Redbridge: interim statement of results, site work to 1998'.
PDF   (3MB) Ennis, T. (2000)'Plashes Farm, Standon, Hertfordshire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (2MB) Germany, M. (2001)'Wick Farm, Ardleigh, Essex. Archaeological Evaluation by Fieldwalking'. Report No. 824
PDF   (16MB) Letch, A. (2001)'Thorpe Hall, Station Road, Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex. Archaeological Evaluation'. Report No. 994
PDF   (247KB) Ennis, T. (2001)'39-45 Crescent Road, Heybridge, Essex. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (2MB) Anon (2003)'Former Council Depot, Haslers Lane, Great Dunmow'.
PDF   (52KB) Ennis, T. (2003)'Cressing, Dovehouse Field, Cressing Temple'.
PDF   (3MB) Barker, B. (2003)'Woodlands Park, Phases 3 and 4 Great Dunmow, Essex. Archaeological Evaluation by trial trenching and open area excavation.'.
PDF   (2MB) Davis, E. (2003)'Woodlands Park, Phases 3 and 4 Great Dunmow, Essex. Fieldwalking Survey'.
PDF   (1MB) Roy, M. (2003)'Transco Pipeline Colemans Farm, Rivenhall End, Essex. Archaeological monitoring and excavation'.
PDF   (328KB) Barker, B. (2004)'63 Main Road, Gidea Park, London Boriugh of Havering. Archaeological Evaluation by Trial Trenching'. FAU proj No 1405
PDF   (338KB) Barker, B. (2004)'152 - 162 London Road, romford, London Borough of Havering. Archaeological Evaluation by Trial Trenching'. ECC FAU Project 1415
PDF   (153KB) Robertson, A. (2004)'New School Site, Mayes Lane, Ramsey, Essex'. FAU Proj No. 1316
PDF   (241KB) Robertson, A. (2004)'1 - 5 Hainault Street, Ilford, London Borough of Redbridge'. FAU Proj No. 1387
PDF   (87KB) Germany, M. (2004)'Former Chelmsford Road Garage, Leaden Roding'. SMR summary
PDF   (1MB) Germany, M. (2004)'Land adjacent to the Old Coach House, Church Square, St Osyth, Essex'. Project number 1416
PDF   (2MB) Germany, M. (2004)'Primary school site at the former Newton works, Great Dumnow, Essex. Trial trenching and archaeological excavation'.
PDF   (6MB) Davis, E. Robertson A. (2004)'Maltings Lane, Witham, Essex Archaeological Excavation'.
PDF   (100KB) Robertson, A. (2004)'Land to Rear of 23 High Street, South Benfleet,Essex'. ECC FAU Proj No. 1389
DOC   (211KB) Ennis, T. (2005)'157 Southend Road, Littke Thurrock, Essex'. Report Number 1481
PDF   (364KB) Barker, B. (2005)'Land North of Market Square, West Street, and west of North Street, Rochford, Essex. Archaeological Evaluation by Trial Trenching'. FAU Proj No 1461
PDF   (847KB) Germany, M. (2005)'Telecommunications Site, Dagnets Farm, Mill Lane, Tye Green, Braintree, Essex: Archaeological Excavation and Monitoring'. Report number 1246
PDF   (316KB) Barker, B. (2005)'Legg Street Car Park, Chelmsford, Essex'. Report Number 1379

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