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"GUARD Archaeology Ltd specialises in the management of archaeology and cultural heritage projects. We provide a comprehensive and competitive range of services for private and public sector groups alike, throughout Scotland and elsewhere in the UK and Europe. We are committed to providing high quality services, closely aligned with our clients' needs. We have a consistent track record in effective project management, ensuring that our work not only meets agreed deadlines and budgets but attains a high professional standard. We bring value and quality to every project, large or small, to the mutual benefit of our clients and the historic environment. We believe in providing archaeological services that are dedicated, ethical and progressive in outlook, whilst remaining professional, efficient and highly competitive in delivery."


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Records 1 - 25 of 197

PDF   (1MB) James H F (2008)'Edinburgh Tram Scheme: Excavations at Gogar Church'.
PDF   (1MB) Becket, A. (2008)'Barassie, Troon: Archaeological Evaluation - Data Structure Report'. GUARD Project No 2594
PDF   (2MB) Kilpatrick, M. C. (2008)'Snabe Quarry, Area B: Burnbank Moss'. G.U.A.R.D. report 2771
PDF   (12MB) Will R (2010)'Soutra Quarry Extension Evaluation Data Structure Report'. GUARD 3048
PDF   (3MB) Blair, A. H. (2011)'Camserney Burn, Aberfeldy Archaeological Evaluation data Structure report, Project 3257'. Project 3257
PDF   (4MB) Rennie, C. (2011)'Hyndshaw Farm; Archaeological Evaluation'. Report 3289
PDF   (4MB) Arabaolaza, I (2011)'Dovecot Field, Leuchars'.
PDF   (5MB) Rennie, C. (2011)'Peel Road, Thorntonhall: Archaeological Evaluation'. GUARD Archaeology Data Structure Report 3265
PDF   (4MB) Arabaolaza, I (2011)'The Old Mill, Portsonachan'.
PDF   (3MB) Arabaolaza, I (2011)'Glenview, Luss: Data Structure Report'. 3247
PDF   (2MB) Arabaolaza, I Thomson, R (2011)'Earlstoun Castle, St John's Town of Dalry'.
PDF   (3MB) Arabaolaza, I (2011)'Dalry Road,Stewarton: Excavation Data Structure Report'. 3245/2
PDF   (3MB) Arabaolaza, I (2011)'Dalry Road, Stewarton: Evaluation Data Structure Report'. 3245/2
PDF   (4MB) Mooney, K. (2011)'Kelburn Wind Farm Watching Brief Data Structure Report'. GUARD 3134
PDF   (9MB) Ovenden, S. (2011)'Bannockburn Ground Penetrating Radar Survey preliminary report'.
PDF   (4MB) Christine Rennie (2011)'Rothes Golf Club; Human Remains Call-off Contract'. Report Number 3366
PDF   (4MB) Blair, A, H (2011)'Spey Dam, Laggan'. 3258
PDF   (4MB) Will, B. (2011)'Falkirk Distillery Evaluation Data Structure Report, Project 3204'.
PDF   (3MB) Bailie, W (GUARD Archaeology Ltd.) (2011)'Carzield Roman Fort, Kirkton, Dumfries Data Structure Report'. 3261
PDF   (3MB) Bailie, W (GUARD Archaeology Ltd.) (2011)'Wellington Bridge, Carzield Roman Fort, Kirkton, Dumfries Data Structure Report'. 3410
PDF   (2MB) Blair, A. H. (2011)'Melrose Crematorium, Scottish Borders, Archaeological Evaluation Data Structure Report, Project 3046'. Project No. 3046
PDF   (6MB) Arabaolaza, I (GUARD Archaeology Ltd.) (2011)'Lennel Old Parish Church, Scottish Borders, Archaeological Watching Brief Data Structure Report, Project 3294'. Project 3294
PDF   (3MB) Blair, A . H. (2011)'Indians Field, Balfron Station, Data Structure Report'. 3434
PDF   (4MB) Will R (2011)'Soutra Quarry Extension: Excavation Report'. GUARD Archaeology Ltd 3262
PDF   (7MB) Blair, A H (2011)'Soutra Quarry Extension: Watching brief report'. GUARD Archaeology 3298/2
PDF   (4MB) Bailie, W.R. (2011)'Dreghorn Primary School Data Structure Report, Project 3334'. n/a

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