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Results for Gloucestershire County Council Archaeology Service

[Gloucestershire County Council Archaeology Service logo] click for homepage "The Archaeology Service provides information and advice on the archaeology and historic environment of Gloucestershire, and undertakes a wide range of research, survey and fieldwork in the county.

Gloucestershire County Council Archaeology Service maintain the County Sites and Monuments Records (SMR), provide advice on planning issues to developers and landowners, and supply information to students and other members of the public. We also carry out building and landscape surveys, archaeological desk-based assessments, watching briefs and excavations, and offer advice on planning issues."


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Records 1 - 25 of 62

PDF   (803KB) Greatorex, P. (1989)'Land to the rear of Agricultural House, Sandhurst Lane,Gloucester. Archaeological Excvaations March to November 1989'.
PDF   (1MB) Hemingway, J. (1990)'Royal George Hotel, Birdlip, Gloucestershire. A report on an archaeological evaluation in October 1990.'.
PDF   (1024KB) Hoyle, J. (1991)'A48 Lydney Bypass. Preliminary Archaeological Assessement'.
PDF   (3MB) Parry, C. (1991)'Hitchens Phase 5, Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire: Archaeological Evaluation October 1991'.
PDF   (2MB) Hart, D. (1992)'Hitchens Phases 10 and 11, Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire: Archaeological Evaluation January - February 1992'.
PDF   (311KB) Catchpole, T. (1992)'M5 Junction 12 Improvements, Archaeological Evaluation'. Glos 13972
PDF   (1MB) Catchpole, T. (1992)'Archaeological evaluation at Lansdown, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, October 1992'.
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1992)'NW Quadrant, M5 Junction 12: Preliminary Archaeological Assessment'.
PDF   (1MB) Parry, C. (1992)'A46 Shurdington Bypass: stage 1 archaeological assessment'.
PDF   (3MB) Anon (1993)'Archaeological Evaluation of former Severn-Trent Depot, London Road, Gloucester'.
PDF   (162KB) A. Hannan (1993)'Excavations at Tewkesbury'. Volume 111
PDF   (3MB) Anon (1994)'A417 North of Stratton to Nettleton Improvement. Archaeological Survey Stage 3 Project Design'.
PDF   (341KB) Goult, D. (1994)'A48 Lydney Bypass. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
PDF   (2MB) Piper, P.J. (1995)'Denmark Road High School for Girls. An Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (8MB) Piper, P.J. (1995)'Denmark Road High School for Girls. An Archaeological Excavation prior to the Phase II redevelopment'.
PDF   (248KB) Cook, S. (1995)'A48 Lydney Bypass. Archaeological Evaluation Stage 4'.
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1995)'Land to the rear of Southgate House, Southgate street, Gloucester. Archaeological evaluation'.
PDF   (824KB) Greatorex, P. (1996)'Land Adjoining Hucclecoat Resource Centre, Churchdown Lane, Hucclecoat, Gloucestershire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (947KB) Vallender, J. (1997)'An archaeological evaluation of land adjacent to Farmington Quarry, Gloucestershire'.
PDF   (3MB) Anon (1997)'Sandhurst Lane, Gloucester. A Programme of Archaeological Recording'.
PDF   (1MB) Nichols, P. (1999)'An Archaeological Evaluation at Dean Farm, Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire'. GCC ref: 476.2.16
PDF   (3MB) Goult, D. (1999)'Gloucester Rugby Football Glub, Kingsholm Road, Gloucester. An archaeological watching brief June to July 1999'.
PDF   (4MB) Catchpole, T. Thomas, A. (2000)'Archaeological Excavations at West Drive and Wellesley Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Archive Report'.
PDF   (754KB) Bashford, L. (2000)'Archaeological Evaluation at 98-100 Evesham Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire'. GCC ref: 471 .1.26
PDF   (468KB) Derham, K. (2001)'An Archaeological Evaluation of the proposed car park on land behind the Old Forge Garage, Dymock, Gloucestershire'.
PDF   (1MB) Derham, K. (2002)'An Archaeological Evaluation of the Proposed Cemetery extension, Cemetery Lane, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire'. GCC ref: 472.3.40

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