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Results for Hazel Riley

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PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2011)'Survey at Farway Castle, Farway, Devon'.
PDF   (634KB) Riley, H (2012)'Metric survey of Wintershead'.
PDF   (908KB) Riley, H (2012)'Hoar Oak Cottage, Exmoor Forest, Somerset: an early 19th-century labourers' cottage on John Knight's Exmoor Forest Estate '.
PDF   (874KB) Riley, H (2012)'Napoleonic Military Sites and a Prehistoric Ceremonial Monument on East Hill, Ottery St Mary, Devon'.
PDF   (2MB) Riley, H (2013)'An Historical and Archaeological Study of Tarr Steps, Exmoor National Park'.
PDF   (851KB) Riley, H (2013)'Dig Porlock: Earthwork Surveys on Porlock Allotment'.
PDF   (2MB) Riley, H (2013)'Hoaroak Valley: Historic Landscape Survey and Analysis'.
PDF   (842KB) Riley, H (2013)'Metric Survey of a Possible Neolithic Enclosure on Gittisham Hill, Devon'.
PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2014)'Metric Survey of Part of John Knight's Gardens and Pleasure grounds, Ashcombe, Simonsbath'.
PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2014)'Metric Survey in the Environs of Pinkery Farm, Exmoor Forest'.
PDF   (2MB) Riley, H (2014)'Metric Survey in the Environs of Pinkery Farm, Exmoor Forest'.
PDF   (609KB) Riley, H (2014)'Metric survey of burnt mounds on Spooner's Allotment, Exmoor Forest'.
PDF   (907KB) Riley, H (2014)'Metric Survey of West and East Pinford, Exmoor Forest'.
PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2014)'Metric Survey of Chapman Barrow Exmoor HER 1061(11)'.
PDF   (2MB) Riley, H (2014)'Turf Cutting on Exmoor: An Archaeological and Historical Study'.
PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2015)'Survey, Excavation and Assessment of Archaeological Features in Northern part of Ashcombe'.
PDF   (889KB) Riley, H (2015)'Holdstone Down Inclosure Boundary and Marker Stones'.
PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2015)'Survey of Routeways in Haddon Woods'.
PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2015)'Metric Survey of Little Ashcombe, Simonsbath EAC15'.
PDF   (2MB) Riley, H (2015)'Carnarvon New Pit Iron Mine: Analytical Earthwork Survey'.
PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2015)'Dulverton Town Weir, Exmoor HER 21943 Historical research, recording and assessment'.
PDF   (2MB) Riley, H (2015)'Treryn Dinas Cliff Castle Archaeological Survey'.
PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2015)'Survey of Radworthy farmstead and an earthwork enclosure'.
PDF   (2MB) Riley, H (2016)'Archaeological Walkover Survey: Horsen, Exmoor'.
PDF   (1MB) Riley, H (2016)'Survey and Watching Brief, Simonsbath Sawmill, Exmoor'.

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