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Results for Herefordshire Archaeology

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"Herefordshire Archaeology is the county archaeological service maintained by Herefordshire Council. The service exists to assess, investigate, document, conserve and promote the archaeology and historic landscape of the county and cathedral city. Herefordshire Archaeology provides:

    - an advisory service for historic conservation, actively pursuing effective resource management and supporting regeneration initiatives
    - a documentation and information service, centred upon the County Historic Environment Record, and its website Herefordshire Through Time (
    - an investigative and community service, with fieldwork, conservation works, local heritage projects, public events and productions."


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Records 1 - 25 of 104

PDF   (989KB) Hoverd, T. (2000)'Ashgrove Quarry, Marden: Preliminary Archaeological Investigations in 1999'. Report No 3.
PDF   (2MB) Hoverd, T (2003)'The archaeological survey of Herefordshire woodlands in the Malvern Hills AONB, 1999-2003'.
PDF   (300KB) Hoverd, T (2003)'A Reconnaissance Survey of Credenhill Hillfort, Herefordshire'.
PDF   (1MB) Hoverd, T (2007)'Archaeological Monitoring at Brampton Bryan Castle'.
PDF   (1MB) Atkinson, C (2007)'Herefordshire Commons Survey: Hergest Ridge Common, Kington Rural CP'.
PDF   (953KB) Atkinson, C (2007)'Hogg's Mount Steps, Castle Green, Hereford, Herefordshire: An archaeological watching brief'.
PDF   (3MB) Baker, N (2007)'An Archaeological Characterisation of the Edgar Street Grid, Hereford'.
PDF   (528KB) Dorling, P Williams, D. N. (2007)'Credenhill Fort, Herefordshire: A Summary Excavation Report. Phase 1, 2007'.
PDF   (2MB) Preece, N Williams, D (2007)'Condition Assesment of New Weir Iron Works, Symonds Yat West, Herefordshire.'.
PDF   (2MB) Baker, N (2007)'An Archaeological Profile of Kington'.
[online resource] Bapty,I. (2007)'Lower Lugg Archaeology And Aggregates Resource Assessment'. Herefordshire Archaeology Report 226
PDF   (3MB) Rimmington, N (2007)'Little Doward Camp, Ganarew Parish'.
[Multiple files available] Bapty, I. (2008)'Lower Lugg Floodplain Archaeological Mitigation Review'.
PDF   (1MB) Dorling, P. Williams, D. N. (2008)'Credenhill Fort, Herefordshire: A Summar Excavation Report, Phase 3, 2008'.
PDF   (692KB) Preece, N (2008)'Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group Project Archaeological Assessment, South Hyde Farm, Mathon, Worcestershire, WR13 5PD'.
PDF   (1MB) Atkinson, C (2008)''England's Past for Everyone', Test Pit Excavations, Ledbury, Herefordshire: A Community Archaeological Investigation'.
PDF   (541KB) Preece, N (2008)'Herefordshire Historic Farmsteads Characterisation Project (Stage 1)'.
PDF   (560KB) Hoverd, T (2009)'Herefordshire Woodlands Archaeological Survey, Prior's Wood, Dulas'.
PDF   (1MB) Atkinson, C Hoverd, T (2009)'St Katherine's Car Park Archaeological Evaluation. Ledbury. An Archaeological Investigation'.
PDF   (660KB) Atkinson, C (2009)'Herefordshire Woodlands Archaeological Survey: Camp Wood, Abbey Dore CP'.
PDF   (1MB) Atkinson, C (2009)'Herefordshire Woodlands Archaeological Survey: Fishpool Wood, Castle Frome CP'.
PDF   (413KB) Williams, D (2009)'Credenhill Fort, Herefordshire: An Archaeological Watching Brief Report'.
PDF   (1MB) Atkinson, C (2009)'Herefordshire Woodlands Archaeological Survey: Perrystone Estate (West), Foy CP'.
PDF   (1MB) Baker, N (2009)'The ESG Archaeology Masterplan'.
PDF   (2MB) Dorling, P (2009)'Credenhill Fort, Herefordshire: A Summary Excavation Report, Phase 5, 2009'.
PDF   (649KB) Dorling, P Williams, D (2009)'Credenhill Fort, Herefordshire: An Archaeological Field Evaluation Report'.

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