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[LP Archaeology logo] click for homepage "L - P : Archaeology has been involved in commercial archaeological services since November 1990, originally as the archaeological department of Lawson Price, a town planning consultancy. Since 1999, we have been an independent co-owned archaeological practice, with all permanent staff being partners in the business. We provide archaeological and historic buildings consultancy and field services across the UK from our offices in London, Chester and Cambridge. Our in-house expertise includes Waterlogged Wood analysis and Geophysical Surveying, to which we have recently added an Archaeo-Environmental service.

L - P has a dedicated team of archaeological computing specialists that has developed a range of products for research and commercial applications with a strong emphasis on GIS and web based delivery of data. Our ARK: Archaeological Recording Kit has been successfully used to develop, as well as for conservation planning at the Ancient City of Chersonesos in Ukraine. We run short courses for archaeologists and students in the fundamentals of GIS technology, archaeological surveying techniques and wood identification, as part of our Programme for Continuing Professional Development. For further information about us please see our web site."


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Records 1 - 25 of 107

PDF   (19MB) Hunt G (2004)'Desk Based Assessment of Land at Faraday Buildings North, London EC4'.
PDF   (7MB) Morse, C. (2005)'Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment of Land at 17-21 Baildon Street. London.'. LP0421L-DBA-v1,2
PDF   (1MB) Hunt, G (2006)'Specification for Archaeological Works at Park Lane, Croydon'.
PDF   (35MB) Hunt, G (2006)'Watching Brief Report of Land at 89-91 Park Lane, Croydon'.
PDF   (4MB) Williams, M. (2006)'Results of Archaeological Evaluation at 57 Windsor Avenue, Merton'. doc. ref: LP040L-AER-v.1.3
PDF   (3MB) Hunt, G (2006)'Archaeological Evaluation Report of 10 - 20 Dock Street London E1'.
PDF   (511KB) Young, J (2006)'Specification for Archaeological Evaluation at 10 - 20 Dock Street'.
PDF   (2MB) Statter, C (2006)'Archaeological Watching Brief Report of Tudor House Farndon'.
[Multiple files available] Hart, D. and Young, J. (2006)'Archaeological Evaluation Report for Land to the North of Harlow'.
PDF   (10MB) Poole, B. (2006)'Archaeological Evaluation report of West Chester College, Chester'. LP0435C-AER-v1.5
PDF   (4MB) Statter, C (2007)'Archaeological Watching Brief report for land at Inner Marsh Farm, Burton'.
PDF   (3MB) Statter, C (2007)'Archaeological Watching Brief report of land at Reaseheath College'.
[Multiple files available] Statter, C (2007)'Archaeological Watching Brief report for land at Lostock Triangle Northwich'.
PDF   (21MB) Poole, B. Pack, K. (2007)'Archaeological Evaluation Report for land at Queen Hotel, Chester'. LP0652C-AER-V1.2
PDF   (7MB) Bamforth, M. (2007)'Flag Fen Research Facility'. LP0549L-AER-v1.2
PDF   (1MB) Statter, C (2007)'Archaeological Watching Brief report for Northwich United Reform Church'.
PDF   (12MB) Morse, C. (2007)'Archaeological Deskbased Assessment of Land at Newton Marsh Lane, Tetney, Lincolnshire'.
PDF   (5MB) Poole, B. (2007)'Archaeological Watching Brief: 8 Boughton Chester'. LP0539C-AWB-v1.1
PDF   (2MB) Statter, C (2007)'Archaeological Watching Brief Report of Union Street, Chester'. LP0578C-AWB-V.1
PDF   (4MB) Statter, C (2007)'Archaeological Watching Brief report for land at Flat Lane Kelsall'.
PDF   (12MB) Dufton, A. (2007)'Geoarchaeological Assessment Report of land at Armada 1, Gallions Reach, Beckton'.
PDF   (3MB) Bamforth, M. (2007)'Archaeological Watching Brief Report on Land off Eastgate Street, Bury St. Edmunds'.
PDF   (34MB) Poole, B. (2008)'Archaeological Watching Brief Report for Land at Dingle Bank, Chester'. LP0792C-AWB-v1
PDF   (7MB) Statter, C (2008)'Archaeological Watching Brief report for Reliance Works Kelsall'.
PDF   (14MB) Poole, B and Statter, C (2008)'Archaeological Mitigation Report for land at Boughton Hall Chester'.
PDF   (10MB) Poole, B. (2008)'Archaeological Watching Brief Report for Land at The Commercial Hotel, Chester'. LP0545C-AWB-v1.1

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