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Results for Lancaster University Archaeological Unit

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Hair, N (1990) 'Winery Lane, Walton-Le-Dale, Lancashire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (1991) 'Lancaster City Centre An Archaeological Assessment of the Market Hall and Damside street'.
Newman, R Oliver, T (1991) 'Selby Bypass - An Archaeological Evaluation'.
Drury, D (1992) 'An Archaeological Assessment of Redevelopment Area Phase II, Pyes Warehouse, West of Damside street'.
Hodgkinson, DF (1993) 'Amberfield, Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Lambert, K (1993) 'North-Western Ethylene Pipeline, English Section. Archaeological Studies 1988-1993'.
Newman, R (1993) 'Lancaster, Mitchells Brewery, Excavations 1988, 1992'.
Anon. (1993) 'St Mary's Churchyard Extension, Long Preston, North Yorkshire'.
Quartermaine, JA (1994) 'A165 Reighton ByPass, North Yorkshire Stage II Archaeological Assessment'.
Neil, NR J (1994) 'Greenacres Filling Station, Kirkby Thore, Cumbria. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Trueman, M (1994) 'Monuments Protection Programme Electric Power Generation Step 1 Report'.
Trueman, M (1995) 'Monuments Protection Programme Electric Power Generation Step 3 Report'.
Drury, D (1996) '77 - 79 Penny Street, Lancaster, Lancashire. Archaeological Excavation Assessment Report'.
Hair, N (1996) 'Poulton Street, Kirkham, Lancashire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (1996) 'Monument Protection Programme.The Lime, Cement, and Plaster Industries'.
Bell, J Wright, J (1997) 'Old Coal Yard, Catterick, North Yorkshire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Leah, M (1997) 'Lancaster Business Park, Cottam's Farm, Lancaster. Archaeological Report'.
Lupton, A (1997) 'A1 Motorway Service Area, Arkendale. Desktop Assessment & Geophysical Survey'. Report 1997-98/(014)/AUA 7755
Howard-Davis, C (1997) 'St Wilfrid's Primary School, Ribchester, Lancashire. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Howard-Davis, C Wright, J (1997) 'Oasis Sewer Requisition, Cumbria. Excavation Report'.
Anon, (1997) 'Monument Protection Programme. Gas Industry. Step 1 Report'. Report 1997-98(043)/7659
Newman, R (1997) 'River Ribble Catchment Lancashire and North Yorkshire'.
Trueman, M (1998) 'Monuments Protection Programme Electric Power Generation Step 3 Report Update'.
Anon, (1998) 'Monument Protection Programme. Oil Industry. Step 1 Report'. Report 1997-98(045)/7659
Hair, NJ (1998) '14 Myrtle Drive, Kirkham, Lancashire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon. (1998) 'Black Horse Public House, Skipton'.

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