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Results for Marches Archaeology

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Records 1 - 25 of 104

PDF   (1MB) Dawkes, G. (1999)'Construction of a Junior School and Multi-Purpose Hall, Dodderhill School, Droitwich, Worcestershire. Report on an Archaeological Watching Brief'. Marches Archaeology Series 085
PDF   (3MB) Appleton-Fox, N. (1999)'The Trooper, Wall, Staffordshire'. Marches Archaeology Series 078
PDF   (183KB) Richard Stone (2000)'Bengrove Farm, Desk-Based Assessment'. 2000/123
PDF   (2MB) Nic Appleton-Fox (2000)'Ludlow Castle, Evaluation '. 2000/113
PDF   (12MB) Nic Appleton-Fox (2001)'Castle House, Desk Based Assessment'. 2001/176
PDF   (90KB) Adrian F. Nash (2001)'CAMAS Building Materials, Desk Based Assessment'. 2001/207
PDF   (3MB) Jane Kenney (2002)'Underhills Garage, Desk Based Asssessment '. 2002/245
PDF   (2MB) Jane Kenney (2002)'Manor Hall, Desk Based Assessment '. 2002/263
PDF   (1016KB) Simon Jeffery (2003)'Hill Street, Evaluation'. 2003/284
PDF   (411KB) Susan Fielding (2003)'St Mary's, Water Lane, Evaluation '. 2003/289
PDF   (7MB) Jane Kenney (2003)'Land off Domgay Lane, Evaluation'. 2003/297
PDF   (4MB) Richard Stone (2003)'Hollicombe Gas Works, Desk Based Assessment '. 2003/300
PDF   (3MB) Nick Tavener (2003)'Dudley Castle Zoo, Evaluation '. 2003/301
PDF   (4MB) Adrian F. Nash (2003)'20-24 Pinfold Street, Programme of Archaeological Work '. 2003/302
PDF   (2MB) Jane Kenney Jo Wainwright (2003)'Captain's Barn Farm, Desk-Based Assessment'. 2003/303
PDF   (4MB) Jane Kenney (2003)'St Thomas' Priory, Evaluation '. 2003/304
PDF   (2MB) Jane Kenney (2003)'The Abattoir, Evaluation'. 2003/305
PDF   (2MB) Adrian F.Nash (2003)'The Old Chandlery, Watching Brief'. 2003/306
PDF   (1MB) Jo Wainwright (2003)'Land between Upper Weston and Little Weston, Programme of Archaeological Works'. 2003/307
PDF   (3MB) Jane Kenney (2003)'Land to the rear Broadclyst, Evaluation '. 2003/308
PDF   (340KB) Susan Fielding (2003)'Derelict House close to Gilberts Farm, Historic Building Interpretation'. 2003/309
PDF   (445KB) Richard Stone (2003)'The Church of St Michael and All Angels, Watching Brief'. 2003/310
PDF   (1MB) Jo Wainwright (2003)'Palmers Hall, Evaluation '. 2003/311
PDF   (2MB) Nick Tavener (2003)'Bromyard Leisure Centre, Watching Brief'. 2003/312
PDF   (1MB) Jane Kenney (2003)'Holy Trinity Church, Meole Brace, Evaluation'. 2003/313
PDF   (1MB) Jo Wainwright (2003)'The Church of St Dubricius, Recording of a Table Tomb'. 2003/314

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