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Results for NAU Archaeology

[NAU logo] click for homepageEstablished in 1972, NAU Archaeology (formerly the Norfolk Archaeological Unit) is one of the oldest and most experienced archaeological organisations in the country. After many years with the Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, we became a part of NPS Property Consultants Ltd in April 2006.

We conduct archaeological work of all types on sites of all periods, including consultancy, desk-based assessments, fieldwalking and metal-detector surveys, archaeological evaluations and excavations, watching briefs, historic building surveys, research and display work. Our projects range from large-scale quarry excavations and complex urban sites to small-scale developments and specialist reports.

We undertake projects for a wide range of clients, including major development companies, statutory bodies and private individuals. We have extensive experience of archaeological project management and have excellent working relationships with archaeological development control officers and local planners.

Our staff have considerable knowledge and experience of diverse archaeological and historical periods and environments, employ the latest techniques and are supported by a network of scientific specialists. Our publication record is first rate, spans 30 years and encompasses everything from monographs to weblogs.

For further information please visit our website


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Records 1 - 25 of 638

PDF   (1MB) Flitcroft, M. (1991)'Report of Archaeological Evaluation at Station Road, Strickland Avenue, Snettisham July 1991'.
PDF   (1MB) Wallis, H (1991)'Report of Archaeological evaluation at Norwich Road, Watton'.
PDF   (836KB) Emery, P. (1992)'Report of Watching Brief: Tivetshall Sewerage Scheme'.
PDF   (245KB) Anon (1992)'Fenland Management Project Norfolk Excavations at Middleton Saltern Mound'.
PDF   (819KB) Emery, P. Flitcroft, M. (1992)'Evaluation Report Cross Lane Brancaster'.
PDF   (2MB) Flitcroft, M., Huddle, J. and Wallace, P. (1992)'Evaluation Report: Park Farm, Silfield, Wymondham'.
PDF   (939KB) Percival, S (1993)'Evaluation Report. Gaymer Close, Banham, Norfolk'.
PDF   (302KB) Penn, K (1993)'Summary Report on Evaluation Excavations at Chuch Loke Burgh Castle'. Report No.855
PDF   (525KB) Bates, S. (1993)'A47 Acle Straight. Evaluation Report'.
PDF   (30MB) Anon (1994)'A140 Scole Dickleburgh Road Improvement Project'.
PDF   (687KB) Wallis, H. (1995)'Report on Excavations at Church Loke, Burgh Castle, Norfolk'.
PDF   (333KB) West, S. (1995)'A143 Scole Stuston Bypass June 1995'.
PDF   (230KB) Ashwin, T (1996)'Burgh Castle: Watching Brief for Norfolk Archaeological Trust, March 1996'.
PDF   (1MB) Bates, S (1996)'Heath Farm Postwick'. Report No.162
PDF   (2MB) Percival, S. (1997)'Report on a Fieldwalking and Metal Detector Survey at Decoy Farm, Hockwold cum Wilton'. Report: 254
PDF   (1MB) Crowson, A (1997)'Evaluation Excavation of Allotment Gardens, Creake Road, Burnham Market'. Report No. 284
PDF   (2MB) Percival, S. (1997)'Report on a Fieldwalking and Metal Detector Survey at Decoy Farm, Hockwold cum Wilton'. Report: 254
PDF   (308KB) Hutcheson, A. Meckseper, C. (1999)'Interim Report on Archaeological exploratory Work on land off London Road, Downham Market'. Report No.452
PDF   (378KB) Kendall, G. (1999)'Report on an Archaeological Evaluation at The Oaks, Harvey Lane, Thorpe St Andrew'. Report No. 433
PDF   (1MB) Penn, K. (1999)'Report on a Watching Brief at Caistor St Edmund, Norfolk (Venta Icenorum)'. Report No. 261
PDF   (1MB) Trimble, G (1999)'Report on an Archaeological Evaluation at Priory Road, Binham, Norfolk'. Report No. 370
PDF   (675KB) Percival, J (1999)'Report on an Archaeological Evaluation at 49 High Street, Needham, Norfolk'. Report No. 459
PDF   (1MB) Bates, S. (2000)'Report on Archaeological excavations at Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk'.
PDF   (10MB) Trimble, G (2001)'Report on an archaeological evaluation at Alpha Business Park, Mundford Road, Thetford, Norfolk'. Report No. 636

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