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Results for Northern Archaeological Associates

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Fraser, R Speed, G (1992) 'A65 Hellifield and Long Preston Bypass. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Fraser, R Simpson, R (1992) 'Hellifield and Long Preston By-pass Earthwork Survey'. Report No. 92/09
Anon, (1993) 'A1(M) Bramham to Wetherby and Wetherby Bypass Upgrade'.
Anon, (1993) 'Howe Moor Fieldwalking Project'.
Fraser, R Speed, G (1993) 'Archaeological Assessment and Field Evaluation of a proposed gravel quarry at Upsland, Sutton Howgrave'. NAA 93/8
A, (1993) 'A1 Motorway: Walshford to Dishforth Fieldwalking Survey'.
Anon, (1993) 'A1 Motorway: Walshford to Dishforth Geophysical survey and trial trench evaluation'.
Anon, (1993) 'MI - A1 Link Road'. NAA 93/19
Anon. (1993) 'A41 Milton Bypass. An Archaeological Assessment'. NA 93/6
Anon, (1994) 'A1 Motorway: Walshford to Dishforth Post excavation assessment of excavations in field 79'.
Anon, (1994) 'An Iron Age and Romano-British Ladder Settlement at Melton, North Humberside'. NAA 94/26
Young, G (1994) 'A1 Motorway: Walshford to Dishforth Post-excavation assessment of Excavations in Field 79 (Norton Grange)'. NAA 94/01
Fraser, R Robinson, P (1994) 'An Archaeological Evaluation of a Romano-British Farmstead at Bayram Hill, North Yorkshire'. NAA 94/9
Cardwell, P (1994) 'North Yorkshire Power Project. Archaeological Investigations at Knapton Generating Station'. NAA 94/5
Fraser R Tavener, R N, Speed, G (1994) 'An archaeological evaluation of an Iron Age and later Romano-British settlement with associated field systems near Flaxby, North Yorkshire'. NAA 94/17
Fraser R Lee, J, Stevenson, F (1994) 'A1 Dishforth to North of Leeming Improvements. Archaeological Fieldwalking on Howe Moor'.
Anon, (1995) 'M1 -A1 Link Road: An Archaeological Evaluation of a Romano-British Rural Site at Park House, Near Garforth, West Yorkshire (Site 27)'.
Abramson, P (1995) 'An Archaeological Watching Brief at Scotch Corner Hotel, North Yorkshire'. NAA 95/13
Anon. (1995) 'A41 Milton Bypass. Environmental Statement Cultural Heritage'. NA 95/11
Fraser, R Speed, GB (1996) 'A69 Haltwhistle Bypass. Archaeological Watching Brief. Report on a significant discovery'. NAA 96/30
Abramson, P Speed, G Young, G (1996) 'Excavation at Langthorpe, North Yorkshire for Bullen and Partners'. Report: NAA 96/48
Anon, (1996) 'A69 Haltwhistle Bypass. Archaeological Watching Brief'. NAA 96/41
Bishop, MC (1997) 'A new Flavian Military Site at Roecliffe Excavation Report'.
Mackey, R (1997) '12 Cave Road, Brough-on-Humber. Archaeological Watching Brief'. NAA 97/81
Anon, (1997) 'Linton to Kilnsey with Conistone water pipeline corridor - archaeological watching brief'. NAA 97/19
Anon, (1997) 'A69 Haltwhistle Bypass. Archaeological Watching Brief'. NAA 97/11

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