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Results for Oxford Archaeological Unit

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"Oxford Archaeology is the largest independent archaeological practice in the country with over 200 specialist staff based in Oxford and Lancaster. Founded in 1973, Oxford Archaeology has a 30-year tradition of quality, innovation and service.

Most archaeological work today is carried out in advance of development. Oxford Archaeology is one of the leading service-providers in this field, with thousands of clients who recognise Oxford Archaeology as experts in excavation and heritage management.

As a registered educational charity, Oxford Archaeology also cares about helping people to discover and enjoy their heritage. They have welcomed many thousands of visitors to their sites on open days and tours, and volunteers have taken part in many of their major excavations."


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Records 1 - 25 of 720

PDF   (699KB) Anon (1988)'Stonehenge Farm, Northmoor, Oxfordshire. Archaeological assessment'.
PDF   (251KB) Allen, T. (1988)'Old Shifford Farm, Assessment 1988'.
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1989)'Ducklington Gill Mill Area 4, Oxfordshire. Archaeological Assessment October 1989'.
PDF   (933KB) Mudd, A. (1990)'Stourpaine Landfill Site, Stourpaine, Dorset. Archaeological Assessment'.
PDF   (2MB) Anon (1991)'Hartley Court Farm, Shinfield, Reading, Berkshire: archaeological assessment report'.
PDF   (3MB) Anon (1991)'King's Heath Whitelands, Northampton, Archaeological Evaluation Report'.
PDF   (540KB) Anon (1991)'The Calvert A41 Access , Buckinghamshire. An Archaeological Survey'.
PDF   (540KB) Anon (1991)'The Calvert A41 Access, Buckinghamshire. An Archaeological Survey'.
[online resource] Anon (1991)'Chalgrove Manor, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire'.
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1991)'A report on the field evaluation undertaken in December 1991 at Milbourne Farm and Showell Nurseries in the parishes of Chippenham and Lacock, Wiltshire.'.
PDF   (6MB) Anon (1991)'Roundhouse Farm, Marston Meysey, Wiltshire. Report of Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (7MB) Hey, G. (1991)'Yarnton and Cassington Worton Rectory Farm 1990/1 assessments'.
PDF   (508KB) Anon (1991)'South Hinksey, Hinksey Hill Farm. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (579KB) Anon (1992)'Northmoor Park Farm, Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (12MB) Anon (1992)'Stratford Market Depot: archaeological field evaluation 1991-2'.
PDF   (250KB) Anon (1992)'Dorchester, Fleur-De-Lys Inn/ Archaeological Evaluation 1992'.
PDF   (448KB) Anon (1992)'Woodstock Bypass, Stage 1 Report'.
PDF   (417KB) Anon (1992)'A259 Dymchurch to M20 (J11). Archaeological Surface Collection Survey'.
PDF   (338KB) Anon (1992)'Oxfordshire Fringford Crosslands, Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (2MB) Miles, D. (1992)'Land at North Fiddington, Aschurch, Gloucestershire. Archaeological Evaluation Report'.
PDF   (4MB) Anon (1992)'A40 Witney - Cassington Dualling. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (4MB) Anon (1992)'A40 Witney - Cassington Dualling. An Archaeological evalaution 1991/1992'.
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1992)'Redlands Farm, Stanwick, Northamptonshire. Recording Action: Major Excavations 1989-990. Site Narrative'.
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1993)'Abingdon Vineyard Area 3. Summary report of excavations and statement ofpotential'.
PDF   (599KB) Anon (1993)'A40 Headington Bypass. Stage 2 Assessment: Fieldwalking and Geophysical Survey'.
PDF   (2MB) Booth, P. (1993)'Appleford Sidings near Didcot Oxfordshire. Archaeological Evaluation'.

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