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Anon (1990) 'Fosse Way Project Research Design. Archaeological Desk Top Assessment'.
Anon (1990) 'Fosse Way Project (A46) Archaeological Implications (Draft). Archaeological Desk Top Assessment'.
Dodd, A (1990) 'Trial Excavations at Derby Racecourse Park.'.
Challis, K (1990) 'Rampton Quarry Site. Preliminary Report'.
Mallone, S (1991) 'Car Colston to Scarrington Pumping Main Renewal'.
Knight, D (1991) 'Archaeology of The Fosse Way Volume 1. Implications of the Proposed Dualling between Newark and Lincoln'.
Knight, D (1991) 'The Fosse Way Plans Volume 2. Plans'.
Hockley, J Walker, J (1992) 'Severn Trent Water Limited, Nottinghamshire Groundwater Strategy. Archaeological Recording'.
A (1992) 'Manor House Farm, Little Carlton. A Summary report upon Archaeological Evaluations'.
Guilbert, G Taylor, C Anon (1992) 'Grey Ditch, Bradwell, Derbyshire. 1992 Excavations. Preliminary Report.'. CLAU Archaeological Report Nuumber 467
Woodhouse, G (1993) 'TARMAC Hoveringham (THM): Archive Report'.
Walker, J (1993) 'Derby Southern ByPass: Archaeological Evaluations. Report on Site Investigations'.
Challis, K Elliot, L (1994) 'Swarkerstone Lowes, Derbyshire. Excavation in Advance of British Gas Pipeline Construction'.
Guilbert, G Malone, S (1994) 'An Excavation Across the Potlock Cursus'.
Priest, V (1994) 'Report on a watching brief at Abbey Farm, Kirkstead'.
Elliot, L Garton, D (1995) 'Watching Briefs on the Construction Works for the A564 (T) Derby Southern Bypass'.
Elliott, L Garton, D Howard, A Hunt, L Morris, T (1995) 'Report For Stage 2 Evaluations On The Land East Of Blaco Hill, Mattersey, For Tarmac Roadstone Ltd'.
Garton, D Gilbert, D J (1995) 'Results of an Archaeological Watching Brief during the removal of Overburden during October 1995 at Girton Quarry on behalf of Tarmac Roadstone'.
Garton, D Morris, T (1996) 'Interim Summary Of The Excavations conducted on The Land East Of Blaco Hill, Mattersey June-September 1996'. TBH3
Southgate, M (1996) 'Report on the Archaeological Watching Brief conducted at Blyth Road, Oldcotes, Nottinghamshire'. BOP
Gilbert, D J (1996) 'Report on the Archaeological Watching Brief on the line of two pipelines across the late Iron Age and Romano-British site at Rampton, Nottinghamshire March-June 1996'. 922/RPP.REP
Gilbert, D J (1996) 'Report on the Archaeological Watching Brief conducted at Rampton, North Nottinghamshire'. RAM.REP
Knight, D Morris, T Elliott, L (1996) 'Swarkestone Quarry, Barrow-Upon-Trent, Derbyshire. Summary of Archaeological Work 1995-6.'.
Knight, D Malone, S (1997) 'Evaluation of a Late Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement and Palaeochannels of the Trent at Chapel Farm, Shadlow & Great Wilne, Derbyshire.'.
Garton, D Morris, T (1997) 'Interim Report on an Archaeological Watching Brief Near Blaco Hill, Mattersey, Nottinghamshire. Phase 1a: November 1996 To March 1997'. TBH3
Knight, D Priest, V (1997) 'Archaeological Evaluation Prior to the Construction of a Trunk Water Main Between Barlborough and Hodthorpe, Derbyshire.'.

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