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Results for Wardell Armstrong Archaeology

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A, (1995) 'North Kelsey Road, Caistor, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'.
Anon, (1995) 'Geophysical Survey at West Moor farm, Caistor'.
Giecco, F (2004) '42-48 Scotch Street, Carlise, Cumbria'. CP51/2004
May, R (2005) 'Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment of Land at Garden Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire'. 934.1
Giecco, F (2005) 'Land adjacent to King Street, Carlisle, Cumbria'. CP258/2005
Davis, G (2006) 'Report on a Targeted Archaeological Field Evaluation at Overby Quarry, Westnewton, Wigton, Cumbria'. 309/06
Kendall, I (2007) 'Assessment Report of Archaeological Evaluation at 29-65 Garden Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire'. CS00066/14, 934C.1
Duckworth, S (2007) 'St Luke's National School, Garden Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire'. CS 00016/14, 934B.2 (1)
Duckworth, S (2007) '29-65 Garden Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire: Archaeological Photographic Survey'. CS00066/14 934B.1
Kozieradzka, I (2008) 'Land at 29-65 Garden Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire'. CS00066/14, 934E.2 (1)
Wooler, F (2012) '7 Spencer Street, Carlisle: Historic Building Survey'. CP10341
Wooler, F (2012) 'Land adjacent to Prospect House, King's Meaburn, Cumbria: Archaeological Desk Based Assessment'. CP10198
Railton, MD (2012) 'Geophysical survey of land at Gara Barton, Devon'. CP10323
Moore, B (2012) 'Glenmuckloch Surface Mine'. CP10050
Clark, A (2012) 'Geophysical Survey on land at Main Road, High Harrington'. CP 10267
Wooler, F (2012) 'Hadrian's Camp, Houghton, Carlisle: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'. CP10192
Jackson, D (2012) 'Punton Road and Brampton Road, Carlisle, Cumbria'. CP/10187/12
Wooler, F (2012) 'Northfields Day Centre, Stone Road, Stafford: Archaeaological Building Recording'. CP10423
Wooler, F (2012) 'Mohopehead Lead Mine and Ore Works, Ninebanks, Northumberland: Archaeological Survey and Building Recording Project'. CP10232
Wooler, F (2012) 'MoD Stafford, Beaconside, Stafford: Historic Building Survey'. CP10253
McIntyre, I (2012) 'South Egremont Pipeline, Cumbria: Desk-Based Assessment and Walkover Survey'. CP10234
Clark, A (2012) 'Kent Beck Bridge, Neasham, County Durham'. CP 01439
Thompson, S (2012) 'Long Acre Cottage, Low Eighton, Gateshead: Watching Brief Report'. CP/10151/12
McIntyre, I (2012) 'Land at Brook Street, Derby: Evaluation Report'. CP10191/12
Wooler, F (2012) 'Bleatarn Park, Irthington, Carlisle, Cumbria'. CP/1398
Wooler, F (2012) 'Moor Park, Crosby, Maryport, Cumbria: Historic Building Survey'. CP10227

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