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Results for Wessex Archaeology

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"Wessex Archaeology is one of the largest archaeological practices in the country, employing 170 archaeologists and working across the country.

Wessex Archaeology, which was set up in 1979 and is based just outside the medieval city of Salisbury, is also a charity, devoted to educating the public about archaeology through lectures, events and public relations. Our surplus is put back into our charitable work or to improving our service to clients

Wessex Archaeology works in areas such as housing developments, extraction, utilities, road schemes, railway and airport projects - anywhere that has the potential for significant archaeological remains. Wessex Archaeology also carries out building surveys, underwater archaeology, coastal studies, human remains analysis, heritage management, illustration and 3D computer modelling, finds and environmental work and publication."


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Records 1 - 25 of 1176

PDF   (4MB) Farwell, D., Hall, K. and Newman, R. (1990)'M3: Bar End to Compton Assessment Stage I: April-May 1990'.
PDF   (300KB) Farwell, C.A. (1990)'Berkyn Manor Farm, Horton, Berkshire. Archaeological Evalauation'.
PDF   (3MB) Davies, S. Doe, D. Heaton, M. (1990)'Archaeological observations at Poundbury Farm Track, Fordington, Dorchester, Dorset'.
PDF   (2MB) Fitzpatrick, A. Rawlings, M. (1990)'A ring-ditch and related features, and a Romano-British settlement at Butterfield Down, Amesbury, Wiltshire'.
PDF   (2MB) Anon (1990)'Butterfield Down: From Prehistory to the Present Day'.
PDF   (784KB) Davies, S. Pearce, P. (1990)'An Archaeological Assessment at the County Hospital Site, Dorchester, Dorset'.
PDF   (721KB) Newman, R. (1991)'A36 Salisbury Bypass, Archaeological Survey: Supplement, The Chain Drove and Crouch Barn Routes.'.
PDF   (803KB) Anon (1991)'Lickfold Farm, Pulborough, West Sussex. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (1MB) Rawlings, M. (1991)'Romano-British sites observed along the Codford-Ilchester Water pipeline'.
PDF   (5MB) Anon (1991)'A36 Salisbury Bypass: Archaeological Survey'.
PDF   (7MB) Lancley, J. (1991)'Empool to Chalbury Main: archaeological watching brief'. Report No. W446
PDF   (5MB) Anon (1991)'A36 Salisbury Bypass. Archaeological Survey'.
PDF   (1MB) Newman, C. (1991)'Avon Valley Gas Pipeline: Summary Excavation Report'. Report No W413
PDF   (243KB) Farwell, D.E. (1992)'Dummer Golf Course: archaeological watching brief'. Report No. W477
PDF   (754KB) Mepham, L. (1992)'66/68 Bath Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, Archaeological Evaluation'. Report No. W543
PDF   (917KB) Jenkins, V. (1992)'Rixon's Gate, Ashton Keynes. Archaeological Evaluation'. Report No. 35104
PDF   (2MB) Anon. (1992)'A249 Iwade Bypass to Queenborough Improvement, Kent. Archaeological Survey. Stage 2: Preliminary field evaluation'. Wessex Ref: 35681b
PDF   (2MB) Fitzpatrick, AP (1992)'A1M Motorway Widening Junctions 1-6 Archaeological Assessment Stage 1'.
PDF   (18MB) Anon. (1992)'Fieldwalking survey and environmental sampling between Stonehenge Down and Parsonage Down, Wiltshire'. W483
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1992)'A36 Salisbury Bypass Additional archaeology survey'.
PDF   (12MB) Anon. (1992)'A303 Amesbury - Berwick Down: Pink and Grey Routes. Fieldwalking Survey'. Report No. W540
PDF   (472KB) Report No. 35152 (1992)'A36 Salisbury Eastern Bypass. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (872KB) Smith, S. and Fitzpatrick, A. (1992)'A249 Iwade Bypass to Queenborough Improvement, Kent. Archaeological Survey. Stage 1: Desk Study'.
PDF   (24MB) Anon (1992)'A5 Dunstable Eastern Bypass. Initial Archaeological Appraisal'.
PDF   (930KB) Anon (1992)'A5 Dunstable Eastern Bypass. Brief for Archaeological Assessement of the Preferred Route'.
PDF   (472KB) Anon (1992)'A36 Salisbury Eastern Bypass'.

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