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Results for Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society

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"The Wiltshire Archaeology Field Group undertakes a range of archaeological projects, including excavation, fieldwalking, geophysics, earthwork surveys, desk-based assessments and finds processing. Projects vary in scope from prehistoric site investigations to modern landscape surveys.

The field group is part of the Wiltshire Archaeology and Natural History Society, founded in 1853.
For more information visit our website and Facebook"


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Records 1 - 22 of 22

PDF   (162KB) Clarke, B (2006)'Tilshead South'. Report no. 167.0815
PDF   (265KB) Amadio, L. Clarke, B. Staff, C. (2007)'Report of Survey of Barn Ground Barn, Bottom Farm, Rodbourne, Malmesbury, Wiltshire'. Report No. 167.0901
PDF   (1008KB) Gunter, J. (2007)'Watching Brief: The Church of Saint Thomas a'Beckett, Tilshead, Wiltshire'. Report No. WAFG-301
PDF   (363KB) Clarke, B. (2008)'Report of Survey of Barns at the Former Bell Farm, Buckley Barracks, Stanton St QuintIn, Wilts.'. Report No. 167.0902
PDF   (9MB) Amadio, L (2010)'Tilshead Nursery School, Wiltshire: A Neolithic Pit'. Report No. 167.0809
PDF   (277KB) Clarke, B. (2010)'Report of Earthwork Survey at South Marston Farm, South Marston, Wilts'. Report No. 167.0305
PDF   (1MB) Amadio, L. (2011)'Excava tions at Cumberwell, Wiltshire Part II Finds Report'. Report No. 167.0807
PDF   (1MB) Amadio, L Holley, R (2011)'Earthworks at Glebe Farm, Tilshead'. Report No. 167.0801
PDF   (4MB) Holley, R. (2011)'Castle Hill Calne, Wiltshire: Archaeological Evaluation and Post Excavation Assessment'. Report No. 167.0811
PDF   (2MB) Knowles, V. Clarke, B. (2011)'SSBHC2011 Stanton St Bernard Home Cowleaze'. 167.0812
[Multiple files available] Amadio, L (2011)'West Woods, Wiltshire: An Archaeological Survey'. Report No. 167.0304
PDF   (645KB) Holley, R. (2011)'Chilvester Hill, Calne, Wiltshire'. Report No. 167.0401
PDF   (293KB) Amadio, L. Clarke, B. (2012)'Bedwyn Brail, Wiltshire: Geophysical and Earthworks Survey'. Report 167.0306 / 167.0507
PDF   (787KB) Amadio, L. Clarke, B. (2012)'Vale of Pewsey: field walking'. Report 167.0405
PDF   (1MB) Stella Maddock (2012)'Report of Fieldwork at the Site of a Romano-British Burial at Luccombe, Bratton in March 2009'. Project Code: BLM 2009.1, AFG Report No: 167.0802
PDF   (3MB) McQueen, M (2013)'Chapel Quarter, Dauntsey, Wiltshire'.
[Multiple files available] Miles, Dan (2014)' Fieldwalking and metal detecting survey of Church Hill Field, Newton Tony'.
[Multiple files available] Clarke, B; Maddock, S; Miles, D; Dickson, A. (2014)'Yatesbury Airfield Defence Site, Cherhill, Wiltshire'. Report No. 2014.01
PDF   (3MB) McQueen, M (2015)'Church Hill Field, Newton Tony'.
PDF   (4MB) Sanigar, J. (2015)'Dig Devizes: Community Archaeology Excavation'.
PDF   (2MB) Jon Sanigar (2016)'The Wylye Hoard -Excavation Report'.
PDF   (2MB) Sanigar, J. and McQueen, M. (2017)'The Great Orchard, Potterne, Wiltshire. Archaeological Geophysical Survey Report: Part 1 Magnetometer Survey'.

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