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Lodsworth Stone

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Local Name(s): Lodsworth Stone. Example of Lodsworth Stone
Stone Group: Sedimentary
Stone Type: Sandstone
Era:   Mesozoic
Period:   Cretaceous
Epoch:   Lower
Geological Sub-Divisons:

Lower Greensand, Hythe Beds.

General Colour Description:

A greenish-grey or brownish-grey coloured stone with moderate dark flecks.

Hand Specimen Description:

A hard, medium grained, silicified, glauconitic quartz sandstone with characteristic swirls and stringers of dark cherty material, rich in glauconite. Fossil worm burrows are frequently picked out in this material (Peacock 1987: 62).

Stone Identifiers: Glauconitic,  Granular.
Reacts dilute to HCl? No